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There are a few things I cannot go without in my purse. Tissues. Lipbalm. And most importantly (yes, even MORE important than lippie), facial blotters. I use at least one sheet on a daily basis. Regardless of the makeup or skincare products I use, there is none that will keep my nose shine-free for more than 2 hours. Hence, my religious need for blotters. This was kindly sent to me to try out by the good people of MattePerfect.

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MattePerfect is a natural silk facial blotting paper that is used to absorb oil and sebum, leaving skin radiant and shine-free. The papers are beautifully packaged in purse-friendly sachets of 50 square sheets. Designed by the French and made in Japan, from a rich blend of Japanese kimono silk and natural flax linen with no additives or artificial ingredients.

MattePerfect Facial Blotters Description

First impression of the blotter was that it’s quite large. It measures 90mm x 85mm, which is almost double the size of my usual tea tree facial blotters from The Body Shop. It absorbs the oil very well, leaving a matte finish on my skin. There’s also no powdery residue on the papers.

Do I like it? Heck yes. My husband usually needs two sheets of facial blotters for his oily face, and with the MattePerfect, he only needed one. I like the texture of the papers; it reminds me of very fine linen. I call this my “posh blotters” 😛

MattePerfect Facial Blotters retail at AU$16.50 per sachet of 50 sheets, and is available on the MattePerfect website. It’s certainly more expensive than my usual blotters, but the size and quality make up for it.

What I like about it: Beautiful linen and silk texture, relatively large in size. Leaves a lovely matte finish on the skin without stripping makeup off.

What I do not like about it: Expensive. The packaging could have been better for the price.

Note: At the time of writing, the website is currently having a 30% discount on the facial blotters. Enter code MATTE50 and you’ll get the blotters at AU$11.55.

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  1. wifluvelle

    ur so rite to name it posh blotters lol i’ll give it a try, since the norm blue ones ripped off my makeup all da time!

    xoxo elle

  2. Obagi

    Very cool! Have you tried Obagi? Any reviews on it?

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