I Had A Boob Scare

Sorry for the lack of updates and posts of late. I haven’t had much mood to do blog the past couple of weeks due to a health scare I had. Over a month ago, I discovered a large lump in my left breast.

It really shocked me to bits because I didn’t remember having one the month before. Then again, I haven’t been regular in my self breast examinations so I really couldn’t say. Hubs had a feel at it too. It was a large, hard lump and easily movable. As I was about to leave for Malaysia in a few days, I decided to do nothing about it until I came back to Melbourne.

My mind was riddled with questions and anxiety throughout my holiday, and the first thing I did when I came back to Melbourne was to make an appointment with the GP. Needless to say, the GP was shocked and was pretty cross at the hubs and I for not getting this issue sorted out before our holiday. We were properly reprimanded, and truth be told, rightly so. The holiday could have waited, but any lumps in the breast cannot. He referred me to a radiologist to get a breast ultrasound, and I immediately made an appointment for it the very next day.

To say I was anxious is an understatement. I was a bloody wreck. I nervously joked to the sonographer that I did not expect my first ultrasound to be of the boobs :P After the ultrasound, the radiologist suggested a mammogram as well so that he could double check the scans. I don’t know if you’ve had a mammogram before but holy cow, it was painful. I likened mammograms to a woman, to a man being kicked in the balls. Or having his balls squished. As I was still relatively young and have dense breasts, mammograms would hurt (boobs getting squashed like pancakes? Hurts donkey nuts). The older you get, the less painful it would be. Thank goodness it’s only an annual thing.

Anyway, the radiologist looked at the scans and said there weren’t any calcifications or anything sinister. However to be certain, I had to have a core biopsy done. And so I did.

Left Breast Biopsy Feb 2011
3cm wide mass

The biopsy was a piece of cake. I was expecting painful needles with the local anesthetic and such, but when the first needle went in, I didn’t even feel a thing. The second shot of LA stung a little. I looked at the ultrasound monitor the entire time, looking at the needle going into the mass. The whole procedure was done in about 30 minutes. The tissue he took out looked like worms :P Results would be out in a few days.

The waiting game was the worst. Needless to say, my mum was also a nervous wreck, texting me often, asking me if the results were out yet. I wasn’t too anxious about it because I had two radiologist specialists checking the scans and both concurred there wasn’t anything sinister about the lump.

I went back to the GP for the results, and it was a benign tumour. Thank God we did not hit the jackpot on this one. He referred me to a breast surgeon to see what is to be done with the lump. I want it removed, but I’m really, really not keen on general anesthesia, so I’ll have to discuss my options with the surgeon.

A few lessons I learnt throughout this health scare:
- Do monthly self-breast examinations. I got scolded by LeGeeque for not doing this regularly.
- A holiday can wait. Any lumps in the breast, big or small, should be addressed as soon as possible. I got scolded by my GP for this.

I’ll keep you updated on this, once I hear from the surgeon. If you’ve experienced this before, or have had a lump from your breast removed, I would really love to hear your input on this issue.

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  1. Celina

    Omgosh Tine, I’m so so glad to hear it was nothing sinister! I’ve been thinking about you and hoping you were okay <3 Do keep us up to date with your condition, this is such a relief! *hugs*

  2. Lilil

    That is such a relief to find out Tine.
    I’m so glad to hear it was nothing more than a scare buy a good reminder to check our body for changes regularly.

  3. Jade

    YAY have been thinking of you, soo soo glad to hear it’s all good!!! *hugs*

  4. Connie De Alwis

    Wow, that’s certainly a huge wake up call! I’ve never had a mammogram. I went for an obligatory med check-up 2 weeks ago and the GP felt my boobs. That was all.

    Thanks for sharing your experience, Tine. You are very brave and seeing you the other day, it didn’t even cross me that you were having a major worry.

    I’m glad that it can be sorted out. Hope you’ll be able to find the best option for you! *hugs*

  5. GlossQueen

    Oh Tine, thank goodness you are okay! That must have been an awful, scary experience!

    Good on you for sharing your experience, it’s a great reminder to all of us that we need to be very vigilant about checking our breasts.


  6. Jess

    I had a similar scare too, couple of years ago. Thank God it turned out to be a benign fibroid and I had it removed under LA as I was pregnant and cannot go under GA… very frightening surgery as I could feel the surgeon pulling and cutting. I was a cry baby throughout even though there was no pain *embarrass*

  7. xin

    thank you for sharing with us tine. i never had a mammo too and similar to connie, last i went for body check was already 2 years ago!

  8. Nikki

    Tine, this is an eye opener, you are right, any small lumps, we should have it checked to have a peace of mind! I am so glad and thankful you are safe!

  9. Shanghainese Dumpling

    Aww Tine, I’m so sorry to hear about the lump but I’m glad & you’re lucky that you found out about it, cos it could get even worse if you waited longer :) big hug from me and LPB :)

  10. Shanghainese Dumpling

    Also with the Chanel Palette, yes get it :) I thought the same as you that I’ve got so many other shadows at home but once you tried it on the back of your hands you know you’ll have to get it :)

  11. LeGeeque

    Yea and you’re a huge derp for not doing the monthly checks. I know I smacked you the last time we met. I’ll smack you again the next time we meet and this time, if AhBeng was there, I’d smack him too! :P

  12. gio

    What a scary and terrible experince! I’m glad to hear you’re ok and thanks for sharing your experience. :)

  13. Paris B

    I’m glad to know its nothing serious and thank you for sharing – we could all do with a wakeup call. Now to get rid of that bugger once and for all :)

  14. rinnah

    Glad the results came back negative. It’s certainly a big wake-up call and a reminder for all of us to be consistent in checking our own bodies. :) *hugs*

  15. Stephanie/Yukaeshi

    Thank goodness it wasn’t anything malignant, and that you’re going to be OK :) This is a very good wake-up call for us of the XX chromosomes, and thank you for sharing. Hopefully this experience will change the lives of many other who read your blog, I know I’ll be more vigilant on my checks now.

  16. giddy tigress

    I’m glad to know everything is ok. I had a boob scare sometime back too, and while I was quite sure it was blocked milk ducts, I still went to see my OBGYN. The painful lump lasted about 3-4 days and I had an ultrasound done too. Thank goodness nothing sinister could be detected and after a couple of days it went away. Take care, girl!

  17. Dee

    So glad to hear it was benign. What an awful fright for you. A lesson learned for a lot of us about regular checks, I think. xx

  18. Jenn

    Oh dear!! I was holding my breath the whole time while reading your entire post! So relieved to hear that everything is ok!!

    Please do take care and keep us posted!! Hugs lots!!

  19. Aaryn

    Thank goodness it’s benign! I hope everything turns out fine and definitely take good care of yourself! Our thoughts are with you.

  20. Syen

    Good grieves!!!! So glad it turned out to be nothing (pretty much)! Take care woman! And yes, do keep us all updated … *hugs*

  21. Jaime


  22. Nadia

    I’m so glad it turned out okay for you. Do take care and thanks for sharing this post to keep us all aware on the importance of checking ourselves up regularly.

  23. Ward Mand

    That is really scary and it is a must for women to practice breast self examination regularly to find any lump that can be a great threat in a woman’s life.

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