Do Bright Lips Freak You Out?

Bright red lips used to scare me. Think 80s. Shoulder pads. Dynasty. Alexis Carrington. That’s what bright red lips were to me. Scary, highly intimidating and not at all my thing. It can age you instantly if it isn’t done right. Not long ago, bright lips came back in fashion. Suddenly young ladies were sporting [...]

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Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment SPF15

This was a gift from LeGeeque on her holiday to Malaysia a month ago. She messaged me on GTalk raving about this lipbalm, and whaddyaknow, I got one too! It’s lovely to have good friends who know that even though you really don’t need another lipbalm, you could still always do with just one more [...]

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A Cheapie Gem That Is Nature’s Care Paw Paw Lip Balm

Don’t you just love random cheapie purchases that just makes you go, “Wow! Why didn’t I try that out sooner?” That’s what this lip balm was like for me. During my usual pilgramage to my beauty mecca, Priceline, I saw a box of the pink tubes at the checkout counter. I need a new lip [...]

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Jane Iredale Roses & Lollipops for Breast Cancer Awareness

Something cute to show y’all today. It’s something you can also purchase to help raise awareness and research funds for breast cancer. Hello Jane Iredale’s Roses and Lollipops! It also comes with a Swarvoski crystal on the palette. One half of the lip dup features Jane Iredale’s PureMoist LipColour in Roses, which is a high-pigmented [...]

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