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I stumbled upon an online makeover site yesterday, and I have to say, I’m pretty psyched about it. It’s called Taaz (weird name, I know).


It is by far, one of the best online makeover sites around because of its remarkable details and accuracy to all the features of your face. If you do it properly, the changes are pretty accurate. Just upload a photo of yourself (your hair has to be up though) and get started!

You can change your skin tone, add foundation, concealer and blush. You can even change your eye colour with different coloured contacts provided by FreshLook. Great way to finally find out how blue eyes work on you, huh?

There are also different styles of eyeliners, mascara, and even recommends the brand of eyeshadow and blush which you select – eg MAC, Stila, NARS, Revlon etc. The colour wheel represents an actual colour of a real product, which you can check out on yourself before even buying it.

Taaz Colour Selection

As for the mouth, other than adding lipstick, liner or gloss, you can even whiten your teeth!

I spent almost two hours playing with this, and it was a lot of fun changing my look. I’ve contemplated trying on coloured contact lenses before, and now that I’ve actually “seen” myself in gray lenses, I’m now really tempted to get myself a pair. The eyes look pretty haunting. Tee hee :p

As all online makeover sites go, I’d still suggest you to take it with a pinch of salt though because there is not blending option on the website, so it might look a bit too much (I tried NARS’ Exhibit A on my picture, and I ended up with two orange blotches on my cheeks! This is so not the case with the real blush). This also should not stop you from actually checking out the real thing for yourself. That’s the fun of (window) shopping, no?

I highly recommend y’all to give this site a go. I mean, heck, you can already see how excited I am about the site. You’d be amazed at how accurate (if you follow the instructions carefully, of course) the results are on you. If not, then just for fun, eh?

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  1. Daniel

    Hi all,

    I made a 2 minute video that provides a demo of Taaz.com. Why? Because the founders are computer scientists at UC San Diego…and I work there…if you’re curious, you can check out the video at:


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