BB Creamology: Skin79, Liole and Skinfood

BB Creamology

Welcome to another episode of BB Creamology! Can you believe this is already the 4th one? With three BB creams each episode, this one would mean I’ve reviewed 12 BB creams already. And there’s more to come. Yeah, I have THAT many BB creams. 😛

BB Creamology: Skin79, Liole and Skinfood

Today we’re going to Korea for our BB creams.

Anyohaseyo! 😀

BB Creamology: Skin79, Liole and Skinfood

BB Creamology: Skin79, Liole and Skinfood

Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm BB Triple Functions UV Interception

Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm BB Triple Functions UV Interception

Shade: Cool-neutral undertones. Only available in 1 shade
Texture: Rich and creamy
Fragrance: Floral yet almost sunscreen-y fragrance
Wet-To-Dry Time: Takes a longer time to dry on the skin if there’s too much BB cream on the skin. Dries to a dewy finish.
Coverage: Medium
Sun Protection Factor: SPF50+ PA+++
Price: Price ranges from $15 to $25
Availibility: Asian beauty stores, YesStyle and eBay. I got mine on eBay from this seller without any issues.

Liole Triple The Solution BB Cream

Liole Triple The Solution BB Cream

Shade: Cool-neutral undertones. Available in only 1 shade (natural beige)
Texture: Creamy but dry-ish texture. The longer it’s on the skin, the lovelier the finish.
Fragrance: Floral fragrance, is a tad strong
Wet-To-Dry Time: Very quick to dry on skin with a matte finish. Have to spread on skin very quickly because it dries quickly.
Coverage: Medium
Sun Protection Factor: SPF30 PA++
Price: Price ranges from $20 to $30
Availibility: Asian beauty stores and eBay. I got this from the same eBay store I bought the Skin79 BB cream.

Skinfood Mushroom Multi Care BB Cream

Skinfood Mushroom Multi Care BB Cream

Shade: Cool undertones. Available in 2 shades, #1 in Radiant Skin and #2 in Natural Skin
Texture: Rich and creamy
Fragrance: Floral fragrance, quite strong
Wet-To-Dry Time: Dries fairly quickly on the skin and leaves a semi-matte, almost powdery finish
Coverage: Medium to almost full coverage
Sun Protection Factor: SPF20 PA+
Price: Price ranges from $12 to $25
Availibility: Asian beauty stores, YesStyle and eBay.

BB Creamology: Skin79, Liole and Skinfood Swatches

BB Creamology: Skin79, Liole and Skinfood Swatches


Skin79 is one of Korea’s most popular BB cream. It’s rich, creamy and just what Asian BB creams are usually about. I’ve been wanting to try out one of their BB creams for a while now, and when I saw this on eBay, I thought it was time to give it a go. Of all the BB creams reviewed in this episode of BB Creamology, sadly it’s the one I like the least. It takes a long time for the cream to dry on the skin and I just didn’t like the oily finish on the skin. T-zone shines up quite quickly with this one. Not my cup of tea at all.

The Skinfood Mushroom BB cream came highly recommended by Val, Tina and Yishan. This BB cream also has a rich texture, but it’s not as thick as the Skin79. The Skinfood Mushroom has the best coverage of the three. It has a lovely semi-matte finish and makes the skin look naturally flawless. I find this a tad too heavy for my skin in the hot summer months but in other cooler seasons, this is the BB cream I’d go to. The fragrance is a tad too strong for my liking though.

BB Creamology: Skin79, Liole and Skinfood

The Liole Triple The Solution BB cream has the lightest texture of the three (mind you though, it is still pretty thick and is typical of an Asian BB cream). I like this packaging the best because it has a pump in a tube. Makes for easy dispensing, don’t you think? 🙂 This one dries very quickly on the skin (in fact, you have to work the cream quickly or else it will dry up and “harden”). The coverage is not as good as the Skinfood and Skin79 but it’s still better than most Western BB creams and definitely comparable to a lot of Asian ones.

I like the Skinfood Mushroom BB cream the most simply because it gives the best finish and longevity of the three. It doesn’t streak or disappear at the end of the day, and with most BB creams and foundations, looks better as the hours go by.

Have you tried any of these BB creams before? Your thoughts? What do you think about the general opinion that Korea comes up with the best BB creams?

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20 comments… add one
  1. Jade

    I have the Skinfood Aloe Sun BB cream and really like it, it’s good for my dry skin. I want to try the Skin79 one next!

    1. Tine

      I used the Aloe Sun BB cream years ago. That’s a good one too! Do check out the eBay link I posted in the review. They’re reliable, affordable and gives heaps of samples 🙂

      1. Jade

        Will do! 🙂

  2. Natasha

    I have the Skinfood Mushroom BB Cream and really like it. My go-to BB, however is Skin79’s Diamond the Prestige BB. I like the coverage and the pump dispenser.
    Natasha recently posted..Kleraderm after 11 daysMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Ooh I saw the Skin79 Diamond Prestige BB cream at one of the Watsons pharmacies in Malaysia but couldn’t test it out because 1) they ran out of testers and 2) they couldn’t be bothered to replenish one tester. When I asked the sales assistant how I’m supposed to try the BB cream (at least, just swatch it) before buying it, she looked at me right in the eyes and said “you don’t. Just buy it if you want to try it. If not, too bad”.

      I looked at her, said “you’ve got to be kidding me. What sort of rubbish is this?” and then walked out of the store. So, no idea if the BB cream is good or not, but that SA left such a sour note in my mouth I couldn’t even be arsed to try it out now 😛

      1. Natasha

        The SA blew you off! That’s awful! She should not be in that job! Most shops in the US have a good return policy for cosmetics as long as you keep the receipt. I would be too shy to complain about a bad SA, but I would avoid that store in the future.
        Natasha recently posted..Friday Fitness: Getting back on trackMy Profile

        1. Tine

          Awful right? I was so annoyed. I wanted to give the manager a piece of my mind but knowing Malaysia, they wouldn’t give a rat’s behind so I just gave up and left. It just ruins a day of shopping when it ends with lousy service.

  3. Isabel

    I’d been using and loving Skin 79’s hot pink BB cream for a couple of years before I switched to Dr Jart recently – purely because it was difficult for me to get my hands on Skin 79’s BB creams. The only thing I disliked about it was that the packaging prevented me from knowing when it was about to finish. Nothing is more annoying than pumping the bottle and having the last bits spurt out all over the place and knowing you don’t have a back up bottle!

    Am going to give the Skinfood one a shot after I’m done with the current Dr Jart Silver label.

    And yes, despite the plethora of Western (and higher end) brands of BB creams available these days, I’m still partial towards Korean brands.

    1. Tine

      Ooh how are the Dr Jart ones? I’ve heard good things. For me, I still prefer Asian BB creams but I have to say, some of the Western ones are creeping up on me and they’re looking pretty damn good! 😀

      1. Isabel

        I find the Dr Jart Silver Label a teeny bit dry for me but it’s probably really because I’ve got dehydrated skin. My skin seems to prefer the Dr Jart Black Label Detox which I previously used but I decided to give the Silver Label a shot because of the higher SPF (SPF35 compared to the Black Label’s SPF25).

        1. Tine

          Ah okay. Thanks Isabel. I’ll check it out when I can 🙂

  4. Michelle Beh

    Love the BB creamology blog posts!! I ll be keep myself updated to the BB creamology posts!!! 😀

    1. Tine

      Hahaha thanks Michelle. Very glad you like them 😀

  5. anusha

    i love these asian bb creams ..currently am trying ohui ..and the very first day i got compliment on my healthy looking skin

    1. Tine

      That’s awesome! That’s what we want to hear, great skin 🙂

  6. Daphne

    I just got The Face Shop’s Face It Waterproof BB… tried the sample while in Korea and liked it. It’s watery and easy to spread, but offers good coverage too. Dries matte too! Hopefully it will hold up in humid SG!

    1. Tine

      It held up pretty well for me in Malaysia so I’m sure it’ll be fine for you in SG 🙂

  7. karo

    Which shades of the skinfood bb cream is at the picture? #1 or #2?

    1. Tine

      It’s the #2 in the photo. 🙂

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