What’s In My Bag? (July 2014 Edition + A Giveaway!)


What's in my bag July 2014 Louenhide Baby Bermuda

One of my guilty pleasures on YouTube is browsing videos on what people carry in their bags. I find what people carry in their bags highly fascinating. Tells you a lot about a person too, y’know, when you see what they bring around with them when they’re out.

I wonder what mine tells about me. 😛

Speaking of which, I haven’t done an updated version of What’s In My Bag in a year now so I thought oh why not? I have a feeling I’m not the only one with a sticky beak here. Right? *wink wink*

What's in my bag July 2014 Louenhide Baby Bermuda

To be honest, what I carry today is pretty much the same as what I carried last year. I change my bag around every now and then (gotta keep the cost per use of each bag to a reasonable low, y’know). For the past month, I’ve been carrying the Louenhide Baby Bermuda in Copper a lot, which was kindly sent to me by the people at Louenhide.

What's in my bag July 2014 Louenhide Baby Bermuda

Not that I should be counting here, but this is currently my 4th Louenhide bag. I purchased the first 3 over the past 5 years and while they’re not real leather, they’re very durable and look good too. The Baby Bermuda has small laser cut hexagons which makes it difficult to see what’s in the bag even though you can see through the holes. It actually also comes with a purse and a detachable strap. The purse can be used as a small handbag on its own or as a makeup bag but I don’t use it here. The Baby Bermuda fits my iPad perfectly.

What's in my bag July 2014 Louenhide Baby Bermuda

I used to use bag organisers with my other bags and then I stopped because I ended up putting my wallet and other random stuff outside the organiser instead, which makes having one useless. For this bag, I had to use one again because the bag only has one other compartment for my phone. My pink bag organiser fits very nicely in the bag and I’ve decided to put my wallet outside of the organiser instead. Everything else fitted in their places well and I’m finally organised again without putting random crap outside of the organiser.

What's in my bag July 2014 Louenhide Baby Bermuda

I’ll leave the contents of my makeup bag for another day (typically the same ol’ stuff anyway) but for now, here’s an updated look of what’s in my bag.

What's in my bag July 2014 Louenhide Baby Bermuda

  • Bag organiser. I got this from eBay for under $10.
  • My phone, which is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
  • Oroton wallet. This was meant to be a clutch, I reckon but I prefer to use it as a wallet. This was a gift from my lovely sister-in-law.
  • Powerpod external charger that I keep in an old The Body Shop pouch. 3G usage sucks the battery out of my phone like water so a backup charger is necessary. I got mine from the Powerpod website but you can get them from the Powerpod vending machines in selected train stations. I also have a small microUSB to Apple Lightning adaptor so that I can charge my iPod or iPad too if I need to. The Powerpod I have only has a capacity of 2200mAh so it will only charge my phone to the max of 50%, which is good enough for me to last a commute.
  • Laduree tissue holder cum pouch. Yes, I’m one of those who needs a holder for her tissues. It also holds my lady things like pantyliners and tampons. This is a very important pouch, y’know. 😉 I got the Laduree pouch from Japan.
  • Makeup bag that holds lippies, hand sanitiser, hand cream and so on. This one’s from Tintamar. It’s at least 3 years old now but it’s still going strong.
  • MYKI holder (yes, I have holders and pouches for everything). I got this from Japan as well. I have an emergency $10 stash in the zip pocket just in case I run out of cash and credit in my MYKI.
  • Red card holder, also from Japan. This keeps my store loyalty cards, coffee cards and business cards.
  • iPod nano. An essential when using public transportation.
  • iLuv earphones. Not the best for audiophiles but I love it because it’s pink and more importantly, it has tangle-free cables. After using flat, tangle-free cables for the past 3 years, I just can’t go back to conventional round cables anymore.
  • FRISK mints. Can only get ’em in Japan so I stocked up big time!

Here comes the fun part!

Louenhide Lambert Giveaway

I’ve teamed up with Louenhide to give away one of their bags to one of you lucky readers! It won’t be a Baby Bermuda though but I’ve got an even bigger one for you. It’s the Lambert and it’s a huge bag that you can use as a shopping tote, a bag tote (for your school books if you’re still studying), a work bag for your files and papers, a weekend bag and heck, an everything-and-the-kitchen-sink bag! Trust me, you’ll be able to fit a lot in there. Janey would fit in there perfectly. But don’t worry, I didn’t. The bag is still brand new. 😛

Louenhide Lambert Giveaway

The bag has a black mock-croc skin, removable stiff base and even a pouch you can carry your makeup in. That pouch is also very big; heck, it’s more than half the size of my bag!

As this bag is big and heavy, this giveaway will only be opened to Australian residents. Apologies to my international readers for having to miss out on this but do stay tuned as there’ll be more giveaways coming your way.

Simply leave a comment below answering the question:

“What’s the bag you’re carrying now and what do you like about it?

Easy peasy!

1. This contest is open to Australian residents only.
2. The value of the prize in the contest is AU$99.00.
3. Anyone can enter the competition regardless of whether you’ve won anything here before.
4. Only one comment per contestant will be accepted.
5. Please keep it clean and spam-free.
6. The closing date for this giveaway is 5 August 2014.
7. One (1) winner will be selected at random. The winner of the giveaway will be announced in the Competition/Giveaways page. The winner will also be notified via email.
8. The winner will be required to submit his/her name and contact address to Beautyholics Anonymous, who will be sending the prize out (please read Beautyholics Anonymous’ privacy statement for more information).
9. The winner must respond to the notification email to claim the prize within 5 working days.
10. Beautyholics Anonymous reserves the right to change the terms of this giveaway at any time.

Good luck! 😀

Disclaimer: The Louenhide Baby Bermuda was provided for editorial consideration.

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  1. Mandy

    I am currently carrying a crossbody bag and I like it because it’s small and stylish and isn’t a nappy bag that I have had to carry for a couple of years now. However it actually really isn’t big enough for all the knick knacks I have to bring along for the kids! (I bring along another little bag for kids stuff that stays in the car or pram)
    Mandy recently posted..Make Up Geek Eyeshadows Haul + SwatchesMy Profile

  2. Jessica

    The bag I’m carrying at the moment is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Fran Bag and I love it! It’s the perfect mix of structured and relaxed, which means I can comfortably carry it to work, and on weekends when I want something a bit more casual.
    Jessica recently posted..What I Bought…My Profile

    1. Tine

      I like the Fran! I have the crossbody Natasha and it’s perfect for travelling. The leather for the MBMJ classic Q bags are so soft!

  3. Unconventionalgeek

    Carrying the Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit. Love it for the history behind the original Lockit and love the fresh life this breathed into a timeless bag. Love it because it’s my birthday present to myself. love it because I can fit everything in it!

  4. Grace

    I am carrying an Oroton tote at the moment. It hasn’t got a zip which is super convenient. I usually forget to bring my shopping bags when I am in supermarket so I just chuck in bits and pieces I bought.
    Grace recently posted..My current favourite foundationsMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Ah would that be the Entourage tote? I love those. I’ve got one and I loop a small scarf through the handle holes just to make it prettier. I chuck bits and bobs in there too.

  5. sataa

    I am currently carrying the Forever21 faux leather zippered bag in black I love it because it resembles the Alexanber wang rocco bag a little bit it does not have golden studs like that one at the bottom but the shape and handles look a lot like that since I cannot afford an expensive designer bag like the rocco bag I am happy I got something affordable and similar for just $30 in a good quality with a lot of room and is good for carrying my university stuff 🙂

    1. sataa

      oops sorry just realized the giveaway is for Australian residents only…. stupid me got so excited to win the bag that I posted the comment so plz ignore my entry .Good luck to everyone who is participating it is a lovely bag whoever wins this will be one lucky lady 🙂 Hope their will be a black handbag giveaway for international readers in future 🙂

  6. Fei

    I’m using a tooled leather handbag. It doesn’t have a brand and I got it for $5 from a random suburban op-shop. But I love it to bits because I haven’t seen another handbag remotely like this one, it’s durable and it ages so beautifully…best $5 I’ve ever spent!

  7. Hilary

    OK, slghtly hyper ventilating at this give away (have I mentioned I am SUCH a bag addict at all? OMG I am. I have a handbag ban from DH right now, as its such an expensive habit 🙁 Lipstick can be hidden, Tod’s (and other gorgeous sacs of sublime happiness) can’t really 🙁 ).

    OK – Love the sneaky nosy look, so thank you for that 😀

    “What’s the bag you’re carrying now and what do you like about it?”

    I’m alternating between my beloved Purple Kipling bag – its ancient and I have no idea what the model name is, but it has the most genius zippy bottom on it that makes it go from medium sized bag to massively oversized quickly and easily – which means when I forget my shopping bags (read: everytime I go to the shops), as plastic bags are illegal or something here in SA, I can just stuff everything in my handbag (unzipped) rather than having to buy yet another 15c bag or 2. Hurray! 🙂 Or my Black velvet no-brand handmade bag my mother got me at a craft fair (also years ago), which is like a comfy old blanket. Or my divine ‘I love it, but it has no fastener at the top so I am scared someone will pinch my wallet/my wallet will fall out when I put it down’ Tod’s leather bag (again with no idea what style name. I’m not cool like that).

    There are others, but these are my 3 core – all different sizes and colours/textures for different moods. But I *need* a huge black bag (and hey, I’m not complaining if there is a Janey in there either 😛 )
    Hilary recently posted..Bacon!My Profile

  8. Sarah Redmond

    I have a gorgeous nearly black leather zip up tote that I got on a trip to Santiago last year. I bought it on a whim as I needed a bigger bag before getting on a flight to come home, but it just carries so much stuff, I can’t commute without it! It holds my Mac Air, iPad, purse, umbrella, scarf, keys, notebook and spare shoes if I’m headed out. I love it’s size and it just looks so darn glam! I feel like a million bucks as I tote my entire life around with me!

  9. Norlin

    Waah…I would so die and go to heaven if I won this bag. Ok, I love my little black Coach crossbody bag because it fits my essentials (when I’m not going to Uni) and I can carry it either as a crossbody bag or a shoulder bag with the detachable strap.
    Norlin recently posted..Friday’s Favourites: June Fashion FavouritesMy Profile

  10. Annamaria

    I’ve got a Cabrelli, and I like the handles. They are just the right length so that it sits perfectly on my shoulder – long enough to wear comfortably, but not so long that the bag swings around.

  11. Kim

    I have a Guess bag that I got second hand years ago, its a kind of black denim, but is nicer than it sounds. It’s big too and I love it! The problem is that the straps are breaking, I have had it repaired once already! I love that it is well lived and big!

  12. Jac

    I currently use a hemp satchel from aussie disposals! It looks a bit hobo but is sturdy, light weight and functional 🙂 Not to mention that it’s only $7 ish!

  13. Jessica Chan

    I’m currently using the MansurGavriel bucket bag that I took months to track down.I love it as it’s so spacious and fits everything!and so easy to access too! Pickpockets will probably love it too,but I’ll deal with that later.

  14. Mardi

    I currently carry a large black Michael Kors tote. It’s very blingy, with gold decorative zips up the sides and gold chain handles. I love that it fits heaps of stuff. It’s also fairly soft and unstructured so it isn’t hard to squoosh things in.

  15. May

    I love your highly organised bag 🙂 Wish I were the same but sometimes find things floating at the bottom that should have been disposed of – doh.

    I’m using the Oroton large Entourage tote in Navy. I love it because it’s large and open (no zips) and can carry most things around easily which means it is very convenient for work & shopping.
    May recently posted..Top 3 Cross Body BagsMy Profile

  16. Carole

    My current bag is a black Pliage from Longchamp! I love it because it’s black, it’s the perfect size and it’s a 40th birthday present from my parents!

    On another note, I’ve been on the train and bus so often lately (and passing by Oakleigh many times a week, wink!) I couln’t do the commute without my iPod shuffle!
    Carole recently posted..Le soleil se lève sur Melbourne…My Profile

  17. Beauty Box

    What a fun post. I enjoyed looking through your bag’s contents! Yes I love What’s In My Bag type videos and posts too! I think it’s way more about just products in any bag…You get to see what type of bag, how everything is organized, and what kinds of things people carry with them everywhere. I love the idea of tangle free flat cables!! I have to get me some!!!!
    Beauty Box recently posted..July Faves: Summer EssentialsMy Profile

  18. Sam Bear

    Currently carrying a mini Kanken and I love it to bits since it’s so compact but fits everything I need!
    Sam Bear recently posted..Attach a Grundal knife rack without drilling into the wallMy Profile

  19. cindyC

    Currently using a skipping girl tote bag with a french theme. Really love it as it’s waterproof and
    Just the right size to keep everything in place.

  20. Ayu Wristi

    I am recently having a mini tote mint bag from new look. Simply I carry different things, makeup bag, a mobile phone, a note book, pencil case, hand cream, that’s basically all I have in my bag. I’m super excited!

  21. Annie

    Hi! Because it’s Tuesday I’m currently carrying my work bag. I bought it from oasis online and it’s a big bag that’ll fit all my winter essentials like scarf and umbrella (must in winter melbourne) plus the regular things I always put in my bag like my purse keys hand cream etc. I like it because it’s big so I can carry a lot of stuff I need for work but it’s also light.

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