Post-Chinese New Year Holiday Giveaway


Guerlain Meteorites Miniature Pearls Collection Giveaway

Happy hump day, folks!

There’ll be no Bloggie Wednesday post today; instead I thought I’d do something fun and have a giveaway instead!

Regular readers will know that whenever I’m away on holiday, as much as I can, I’d buy a gift or two and give ’em away to a lucky reader. It’s my way of including you in my holiday. The Japanese calls it “omiyage” (souvenir), and giving their colleagues souvenirs after they get back from a holiday is something that is widely practised in Japan. Well, it’s practised here on Beautyholics Anonymous too so here’s my souvenir for one lucky reader!

I love checking out travel-exclusive items at duty-free shops at airports that aren’t available in stores and this was something I picked up at KLIA. Now y’all know I love my Guerlain Meteorites and today, one lucky reader will win a travel-exclusive set of 2 mini Guerlain Meteorites worth AU$72.00! Better yet, this giveaway is open worldwide so anyone can enter. Awesome possum. ๐Ÿ˜€

Guerlain Meteorites Miniature Pearls Collection Giveaway

This is a sealed box, with plastic wrap and everything, which is why you’re not seeing photos of the actual Mini Meteorites (these are not the regular-sized Meteorites). I didn’t want to tear the plastic wrap off so you’ll have to trust me that the Mini Meteorites really are in there. ๐Ÿ˜›

Simply leave a comment below answering the following questions:
1. Which country are you from? (this giveaway is open internationally)
2. What’s the best souvenir you’ve been given or bought for yourself?

1. This contest is open to Australian and international readers.
2. The total value of the prize in the contest is approximately AU$72.00.
3. Anyone can enter the competition regardless of whether youโ€™ve won anything here before.
4. Only one comment per contestant will be accepted.
5. Please keep it clean and spam-free.
6. The closing date for this giveaway is 11.59pm, 19 March 2015 (Australian EDT). Comments submitted after this time will not be considered for the giveaway.
7. One (1) winners will be selected at random. The winner of the giveaway will be announced in the Competition/Giveaways page on 22 March 2015. The winner will also be notified via email. Please ensure that you’ve entered the correct email address because I’ll be using that email address to contact you if you’ve won (not via social media).
8. The winner will be required to submit his/her name and contact address to Beautyholics Anonymous, who will be sending the prize out (please read Beautyholics Anonymousโ€™ privacy statement for more information).
9. The winner must respond to the notification email to claim the prize within 3 working days.
10. Prizes are not redeemable for cash and are non-transferable.
11. If for any reason beyond the Promoterโ€™s control that the agreed prize is not available, a product of equal or greater value will be provided.
12. Beautyholics Anonymous is not responsible for prizes once they have been dispatched to the winner. Beautyholics Anonymous reserves the right to change the terms of this giveaway at any time.

Good luck! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. Marta G. (A Bilingual Baby blog)

    Hi! I’m from Barcelona, Spain. The best souvenir I’ve ever bought is a platypus toy bought in Australia for my son. Wonderful giveaway. Thank you!
    Marta G. (A Bilingual Baby blog) recently posted..Nuestro dรญa en Palo Alto Market BarcelonaMy Profile

  2. Yishan

    Australia! My most recent souvenir was a hand blown glass sugar bowl from Mornington Peninsula as a memory of our first family Christmas in Melbourne.

  3. Shuang

    Awesome giveaway Tine! I’m from Indonesia and the best souvenir I’ve ever bought for myself, believe it or not, two foldable umbrellas I got in Japan. I bought them coz they were cute and it was raining cats and dogs when I was there. Best buy ever. It stood against mighty wind and rain like no other umbrella I’ve ever used. Still in a tip top condition 7 years down the road hehe

  4. Colleen Boudreau

    I’m from the US, and the best souvenir I’ve bought myself is a stuffed dog that looks just like my real dog.

  5. Jasmin

    Thank you for the giveaway! I’m from Australia and the best souvenir I received was a scented candle.
    Smells good enough to eat ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Emily C

    I’m from Canada. My favourite souvenir a lucky cat I received from Japan.

  7. Claire

    Hi Tine,

    I am from Australia.
    My favourite souvenir was buying my one and only Louis Vuitton bag whilst I was in Paris, I love it and it always reminds me of the wonderful trip we had in Europe.

  8. Cass

    I live in Tasmania, Australia, and the best thing I ever brought home was a cheap, Taco bell toy. It was the mascot, the Taco Bell dog and when you pressed on his butt he said “I think I’m in love” in quite a thick accent. My grandmother thought he sounded pretty sexy and she’d freak me out (I was 14) by sitting in the living room and pinching the dog’s butt so he’d say it!

    Most amusement out of lest money spent on a souvenir ever!
    Cass recently posted..Stable flighty hippy capitalistMy Profile

  9. Guia

    Hi Tine. I’m from Melbourne, Australia. And the best souvenir I received was a 9000mAh powerbank 2 years ago from my BF. Did not have to worry about my phone running out of battery since then!

    I would love to get my hands on those Meteorites!

  10. Athena

    From brisbane australia. The best souvenir i received was from my mom. She gave me a swarovski ballerina because i was learning ballet at that time.

  11. Far

    Australia! Best souvenir from me to me was a Tsukiji Masamoto kitchen knife from Tokyo… everything I cut feels like butter ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Larissa R

    Hi Tine! I’m almost too busy salivating at the idea of what’s under that plastic wrap! I live in Perth, Australia. My best omiyage was easily the Alcatraz Jail Pig piggy bank that I was gifted by my best friend when she was travelling America. I was devastated when if fell to its death from my bedroom window years later and smashed into smithereens ๐Ÿ™
    Just look at him! (
    Whats not to love! (Sorry Mr Pig. R.I.P)

  13. Annamaria

    Hi Tine, I’m from Australia. The best souvenir I’ve ever been given was the UD Naked palette, back when it was harder to get here!

  14. Asha

    Glad to have you back, we missed you!
    I’m from Melbourne, Australia and I’m pretty sure the best souvenir I ever got was a necklace from a friend, it was a Paua shell necklace from New Zealand and while it sorta looks like this (, the picture does not do it justice. It literally looked like I was holding the ocean in my hands with all its mesmerizing colours and shades and embedded textures!

    It fascinated me so much that I looked up New Zealand and last year I visited, its every bit as beautiful as the promise of that necklace!

  15. Priscilla

    Hi! ^^
    I’m from Australia (woop woop), and the best gift I’ve given was a heat/cool pack that I gave to my sister from one of those awesome random-present-shops (in Melbourne actually :D), it has served her very well when she gets cramps during her period (y)

  16. Cecilia

    Hi Tine! I’m from Argentina, but I live in California, US. I must confess that the best souvenirs for me are the ones meant to be eaten. I have a special place in my heart for Belgian Chocolate. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Cecilia recently posted..Apenas | Maybelline en Taupe CrazeMy Profile

  17. Liz

    Perth, Australia… one of the best souvenirs I’ve bought was a Tom Ford Lipstick. Bought it on a trip to Melbourne after seeing your raves (and they were not available in WA then)!

  18. Agnes Tan

    Hi Tine! I’m from Singapore now living in Tokyo, Japan. The best gift I got for myself was a Peter Rabbit plates & mug set from my first Japan trip. I adore Peter Rabbit and was so thrilled to find it and I hand carried it home back to SG. Happy memories!

  19. Connie

    I am from Malaysia. My friends know I am an avid fan of fridge magnet…so yeah, mostly received fridge magnets from around the world.

  20. Hayley

    I’m from Melbourne, Australia! The best souvenir I’ve got is a pair of sneakers! It has been almost eight years and I still keep the sneaker s in good condition!
    Hayley recently posted..Hectic on last OctoberMy Profile

  21. sataa

    Hi, I am from Pakistan .Honestly speaking no one has gifted me any souvenir ever and as far as what I consider as the best souvenir that I bought for myself was when I went to Dubai with my family I just LOVED the way the Arab women smelled the perfumes that they wore had a very unique scent very different from our usual perfume scents like floral , woody, sweet etc so I went to a perfume shop that carried the perfumes made only in UAE with that particular unique scent and I bought one called Naheed by Amalia at a very affordable price.I can not tell you how much I love it and it may sound strange but every time I wear it, it reminds me of the fun and great time I had with my family at that trip so yeah that is the best thing I bought for myself because now not only I have a great scented perfume in my collection but also something to remind me of those great memories with my family ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks xx

  22. Sandie

    Canada here, my best souvenir would have to be some t-shirts my Dad used to bring back from different countries when he was on the ships when I was little.

  23. Sarah

    I’m from Australia and my best souvenir has either been Swiss chocolate when I went to Europe or my fake Raybans that I got from Vietnam. I wore those to death haha.

  24. Weng

    Australia!!! and my FAVOURITE souvenir would have to be a slice or purple crystal I bought from a cave merchandise store in Canberra when I was in primary school ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Magda

    Hi! I’m from Poland. It’s hard to choose one best souvenir. One of the first things coming to my mind is a neclace I bought in Thessaloniki, Greece. The owner of the shop told me she travels a lot, buys a lot of stuff in different corners of the world and sells it in her shop. So originally the neclace probably wasn’t Greek at all. But its design is very original and people keep asking me about the shop I bought it.

  26. Cel

    I’m from the Philippines and last April I was lucky enough to go to New York. We didn’t have much time to go around and truly explore so I decided to go to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab and I get a customized lipstick. Can’t get more personal than that!

  27. Kay

    Hello Tine! I’m from singapore but right now I’m in Sydney! The best gift for myself is actually the one way ticket I’ve gotten last year, travelled in australia for two months and I fell in love with this awesome place. Which is why I am back, just for a week, for my friend’s wedding ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Fei

    I’m from Melbourne, Australia. The best souvenir I bought for myself was 3 years ago, when I was on a business trip (industry conference in Sydney) and came across a Fiddler’s Elbow black cat doorstop! It was perfect as it looks exactly like my cat ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Nicola cann

    Hi!! I’m from the beautiful city of Adelaide, Australia! (you should come visit!)
    The best souvenirs I have bought are 3 prints and a sketch while in NYC! I love them hanging on my wall and they always remind me of travelling!!
    As always, love your blog!

  30. Kai

    I’m from Malaysia. My best (and most expensive) souvenir I got for myself is a Lancel leather bag from Hong Kong duty free 3 years ago. I’m still loving it.

  31. Thais Magalhรฃes

    I’m from Brazil! My best souvenir was a Michael Kors purse! haha

  32. Rachel

    I’m from the US. The best souvenir I’ve gotten is a pair of earrings from Portugal.

  33. Katie

    I’m from the US and the best souvenir I’ve ever received is a beautiful porcelain dollar from England. My parents had traveled Europe for 3 weeks when I was 10 but it felt like forever and I missed them a lot even though I had a great time with my grandparents. That doll always reminds me of how much I missed them when they were away.

  34. Kathryn

    Hi Tine, I am from Australia. The best souvenir I have ever bought for myself is a small brass bell from a temple in Chiang Mai. Beauty wise the best would be a highlighter that is almost a dupe for Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Diffused Heat. Only it cost me about 4 bucks compared to what I paid for the Hourglass! Bought for me – Nepalese temple bells bought for me by my ex son-in-law or a Guess wallet bought for me by an ex work-mate. I love surprises and was blown away by both! Have a great day, Kathryn x

  35. Maria Louella Dalistan

    Hi Tine, I’m from Singapore.

    The best souvenir I received is a 5in tall wood carved windmill.

    The best souvenir I bought for myself are my mugs from different coffee shops/countries i’ve been to. I love to travel and is a sucker for coffee. This became my collection.

  36. Mel Allen

    I’m from Australia and the best souvenir I’ve bought myself are some M.A.C. Lipsticks since they’re cheaper overseas ๐Ÿ™‚
    Mel Allen recently posted..โ€˜No Makeupโ€™ Makeup Look for Medium/Tan Skin ToneMy Profile

  37. Rachel Kriss-Newell

    My sister had travelled the world carting around a tiny ragdoll she acquired at an Amish village in America. She gave ‘Emily’ to my girls and they kiss her goodnight every night. A special sentiment from their special aunty. I’m Aussie.

  38. Kimberly

    Hi Time, happy holiday! So fun to be included th8sbway…I love learning about traditions different from mine. The best souvenir I received was in mid 90’s. Lion King was all the rage. I got a HUGE Simba! Awe, memories lol

  39. Maryam

    Thanks for the special thoughts.
    I am from Singapore and living in Morocco. And I believe I am the only chinese in my city :). The best souvenir I bought for myself was from Nepal more than 15 years ago. A Pashimina hand made by the locals. Still keeping it with me cos it reminds me of my first trekking experience and be grateful of what I have.

  40. Liz

    Hi from Australia. I love a cheesy tourist t-shirt of any kind, and my favourite is a hot pink tee with a mock Converse logo with “Langkawi All Star” on it.

  41. Irina G.

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    I am from Ukraine.
    The best souvenir I bought for myself was beautiful handmade silver ring.

  42. Margy

    Australia! The best souvenir I bought myself was some a manga that my friend picked up for me from japan!

  43. Peggy

    Hi Tine,

    I’m from malaysia. The best souvenir I bought back is a koala bear from Sydney. I love koalas and excited that I finally get to pet one. So I bring back one koala teddy as souvenir

  44. Akkt

    I’m from Australia, and the best souvenir I ever bought was this beautiful hand-glazed porcelain tea set from China shaped like lotus flowers!

  45. Cecilia Lukban Wong

    Hi, I’m from the Philippines but residing in Malaysia. Ipoh, to be exact, as hubby is Malaysian. My best souvenir, most recently, is the cle de peau radiant foundation I bought in narita airport. This was blogged about by Paris B, and she’s right. The meteorites would be perfect with it. Btw, your tips on traveling to Japan came in very handy.

  46. Fiey H

    Hi Tine. I’m from Malaysia. The best souvenir I’ve received is a collection of sands (yup no typo, really sands) from deserts in different parts of UAE. Who would’ve thought sands can look so fascinatingly different. Either that, or I’m just a little bit weird.

  47. Eunice

    Hi there Tine… I’m from Australia and the souvenir I love is a charm my close friend got me when she went Japan! I even brought it into the labour room with me when I had my second boy

  48. Lisa

    Hi! I’m from the USA. The best souvenir I have bought for myself was a phone from Asia (these were pre-iPhone days!). It was cool not having the same phone as everyone else then!

  49. Suzanne G

    I am from Canada. The best souvenir was a beautiful larimar ring I purchased for myself in the Dominican Republic.

  50. M.L. Chow

    I’m from Malaysia. Best souvenir that I received is pretty little origami folded purse from an ex-colleague when she went to Japan for a holiday. Just looking at the cherry blossoms embossed on the red purse brings a smile to my face. I hope I’ll be able to visit Japan one day.

  51. Anna

    Hey there Tine!
    I’m from Oz and my fave souvenir is a skeleton belt buckle i bought from Camden market in London. It sits attached to the strap of one of my fave casual leather handbag-it gets comments all the time!

  52. SharonC

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I am from Australia and the best souvenir I got for myself is an exquisite Murano glass vase from Venice!

  53. felicia

    Hello from Singapore! My favourite souvenir has to be the colourful mandala+elephant print tapestry that I found when I went to India. It just gives life to my otherwise very dull bedroom, I love it so much. Thanks a lot for doing this giveaway!

  54. Lilian Loke

    I am from Singapore. My favourite souvenir so far is a Taipei 101 keychain I received. It is perfectly designed and always reminds me of the wonderful time I had In Taiwan.

  55. Kadmon

    I am from Hungary. As I’m a freelance writer, the best souvenir I’ve got from a girlfriend was a pen with a built-in led light so I could write in the evening without switching on the lights if I had any new ideas.

  56. Janice sng

    Hi! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I’m from singapore and the most awesome souvenir given to me by the hubby is a ruby stone from Burma. One of my favourite stones to wear.

  57. Madeleine

    Hey! I’m from Aus but am living in Germany. The best souvenir I ever got was a set of cheap cheap pens from Japan that a friend brought back- but they were super fine-pointed, were erasable and generally amazing. As a stationary aficionado I loved those pens to pieces. Literally. Am now filled with sadness I can’t find anything quite like them here- not even from Daiso ๐Ÿ™

  58. Angela

    I’m from USA. My favorite souvenir is a small scale model of the Chichen Itza pyramid in Mexico made of marble. I climbed to the top of the pyramid even though I am afraid of heights so its a symbol of strength to me to have that little reminder.
    Angela recently posted..Organizing: CouponsMy Profile

  59. Heather Hopley

    Hi . I’m from Australia and I’m a collector of scarves when I travel. My favourite is a very bright silk scarf purchased from the Arab Quarter , Singapore.

  60. Tracy Spillane

    I’m from Ireland but now live in Australia. I had a wonderful holiday in Turkey 14 years ago, and came home with a wonderful reminder of my holiday, my son who was born nine months later!

  61. Danette Aldrich

    My very favorite souvenir has to be a beautiful Mardi Gras mask brought home to me by my daughter when she went to New Orleans, especially special because she has had a severe phobia of decorative masks since she was a toddler, but knew that I love them.

  62. Sharon Wong

    Hi Tine, thank you for such an amazing giveaway!

    I’m from Australia and the best souvenir I have received was a pair of crystal studs from Spain. I wasn’t able to join our annual family trip but my mum made sure she brought back something nice for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. Kayte

    Hi Tine, thanks for another great giveaway – sounds like you had a lovely holiday.

    My brother recently returned from a holiday in Thailand and brought me back a keyring that is a little Canon DSLR with my name engraved in it. It’s made of wood and is pretty freaken cool! Oh and I’m a Kiwi living in Australia ๐Ÿ™‚
    Kayte recently posted..The Parcel by Marie Claire – Autumn EditionMy Profile

  64. Lisa D

    I am from Australia and my favourite souvenir was a pair of Mickey Mouse ears from Disneyland!
    A classic keepsake but it always takes me back to my childhood and hey, who doesn’t look cute in a pair of mouse ears?

  65. Kirsten W

    Australia – my husband!

  66. Tamara Lamb

    Australia. When travelling around Australia I bought myself a sew on badge from every town and have 3 blankets completely covered. Great memories!

  67. Susan reynolds

    Australia. A few years ago a friend brought back a beautiful glass handled paint brush from Murano glass it truly brought a tear to my eye

  68. Rachel

    Hello from Vietnam! The best souvenir I’ve been given is an apron with a hand-drawn London map. It reminds me so much of my time in the UK.

  69. Shirley

    Hello from Sydney,
    My best souvenir is my mug from Disneyland USA. I use it everyday and it reminds me my happy time in fairyland.

  70. Sharon Markwell

    Australia. My New York snow globe is a conversation maker and a beloved possession.

  71. Yun

    From the USA!

    Best souvenir were these handmade mittens from Colorado!

  72. Narelle Rock

    I am from Australia and the best souvenir is a little bear from Starbucks that my 10yr old son bought for me with his own money when we took him to QLD for the first time, I though it was so precious that he wanted to buy me something to keep and remind us of our family holiday

  73. Esther

    In Malaysia, born and bred!

    Probably the most memorable souvenir I’ve bought for myself would be (as cliched as it sounds) a Cheshire Cat T-shirt from Disneyland Paris. I wibbled and hesitated and second-guessed the buy so many times -I was on a very tight student budget and Disneyland prices are, well, sky-high – but my best friend looked me dead in the eye and asked, ‘Will you regret it if you don’t buy it?” And I realized I wouldn’t get the opportunity to visit Disneyland again anytime soon, much less the Parisian one.

    It’s one of my favorite everyday-use t-shirts now!

  74. Amanda Crowther

    Hi I am from Australia, & my favorite souvenir was when I was a kid and I got a mickey mouse jumper from Disnleyland, I still have it today

  75. Vanda B

    Hi, I’m from Australia and my best souvenir was a very pretty handbag hook I bought overseas. You can hang your bag under any table so it doesn’t have to sit on the floor!

  76. Petra Kos

    I’m from Croatia ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love snow globes, so I usually buy them wherever I go. ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. Gintare

    i am from Poland. my favorite souvenir i have found was heart shaped stone on the beach in spain. it reminds my of these nice moments in Spain with my loved one ๐Ÿ™‚

  78. Ting Hui

    Hello! From good old nz next door and probably an ukulele I bought for myself to kill time when I was in Hong Kong! (It’s not famous for ukuleles but one of my most used souvenirs :D)

  79. Loris Ayoub

    hello from Israel, I think the best souvenir are shot glasses from anywhere I go.
    thanks a lot.
    lorisayoub (at)

  80. Sylvia

    Hi, I’m from Melbourne too. The best souvenir I’ve got for myself is a Mickey doll which I adore. Now my nephew plays with it constantly.

  81. lauren

    Hi, Hobart, TAS, AU.

    Snowglobes, they remind me of every country I’ve been too. I have them near my bed and think about the places I’ve been.

  82. Ling

    I’m from Canada! The best souvenir was the Vanilla extract we got in Mexico lol. It’s gotten the most use of the ones I’ve gotten before!

  83. bilqees bano

    Hi, Iโ€™m from Pakistan. The best souvenir Iโ€™ve got for myself is a cute gold chain ๐Ÿ™‚

  84. sam

    Australia – I always pick up a new perfume to try.

  85. Hayaat

    I’m from Mauritius ~
    My best souvenir is a green mouse plush that my mom game me , I gave him a ridiculous name and created a lot of adventure . When I lost it my older brother said “Don’t worry he went to the world of mouses to save people” .
    I recently found it when I move out and I will make sure to not lost it ever again !

  86. Amber Y

    I’m from Canada. My favourite souvenir to give or get is coffee. I know it’s not one that lasts, but boy is it delicious and it’s something you can find almost anywhere you go!!

  87. Chari perez

    Hi!, I’m chari and i live in Spain. My best souvenir is a bag from greece, i really love it !!!


  88. Bianca Rogoveanu

    I am from Romania, and the best souvenir i bought for myself was from Paris, and it was a miniature fragrance bottle, Shalimar Parfum Initial by Guerlain ! Adorable !

  89. Iryna

    I`m from Ukraine ๐Ÿ™‚
    The best souvenir was my favourite perfume!

  90. Jennifer Ha

    I am from United State in Virginia, My favorite sovenier was i think when I went to japan is Kit kat green tea

  91. Ayesha

    Hi Tine! I hail from Pakistan and the best souvenir I’ve been given is a kimono that my aunt got me from Japan ๐Ÿ™‚

  92. Estrella

    I am from Spain.

    The best souvenir I have bought for myself was a beautiful brooch in Portobello Market in London.

    Thanks for this amazing giveaway.

  93. Takacs Gyorgy

    I live in Hungary. My daughter loves lamps so anywhere I go I try to buy something for her that shines – led lights, headlights, or interesting light bulbs.

  94. Ariane

    Hello, I am from Australia and the best souvenir I have got is gorgeous brightly coloured silk tableclothes from Malaysia, I loved them and so badly want some more

  95. Erma

    Hi i’m from Indonesia
    My fav souvenir is a bracelet from a great stone and i think it look like a diamond i bought it from a place called Martapuraโ˜บ

  96. Mary Marรญa

    Hi, I’m from Spain.

    My fav souvenir is a stone from a Munich river, Germany. I have cool memories of this country ๐Ÿ™‚


  97. Soultana Karamani

    Hello,i am from Greece^^In Europe!The best souver i’ve bought is from my fist travel to a greek island,when i was 17 years old (now i am 26)its a handmade candle,and it contains,chells,and flowers and it smells so amazing!Even after 9 years,its smells amazing,like sea!!
    I dont want to light it up,and use it,i just want to keep it like that and smell it,and enjoy its view!!!

  98. Ana

    I`m from Costa Rica
    The best souvenir I have got is a beautiful ring that I bought in Spain!!
    I just love all you makeup tips!! โ™ฅโ™ฅ

  99. Jessica Powell

    I’m from the UK. I love little shell ornaments, and my favourite is a piskie one from Cornwall ๐Ÿ™‚

  100. Afroditi Vlandou

    Hello from Greece!! My favorite souvenir is a beautifully made Murano angel that can be used for Christmas decoration or double as a bell.

  101. wendy browne

    I’m from the US and my favorite souvenir is probably a worn out map from my first trip to NYC, though the jackalope I got from a place in west Texas may run a close second.
    wendy browne recently posted..Argan Oil, Truth or FictionMy Profile

  102. Cher

    Hi Tine, I live in Canada. The best souvenir I ever bought for myself is a pair of hand-sewn leather gloves from Florence, Italy. I love the idea of “omiyage” from our travels; it seems to make the magic last a little longer, and the memories a little more vivid. How about you, Tine? What’s your favourite souvenir that you have ever received or bought for yourself?

  103. Evgeniya Retskaya

    1. Which country are you from?
    2. Whatโ€™s the best souvenir youโ€™ve been given or bought for yourself?
    The best souvenir is silver coin
    Ships That Changed The World – Cutty Sark 2012 1oz Silver Proof Coin

  104. Imenka

    Best souvenir I ever bought was a vintage coffee set from Sarajevo. Thank you for such a great giveaway, sending regards from Croatia! ๐Ÿ™‚

  105. DESPINA

    The best souvenir was a vintage silk dress I got in Paris.
    Hello from Greece!

  106. Dru Edmiston

    I am a Canadian. When I visited Australia on a Rotary Friendship visit my husband and I stayed with a marvelous couple. I purchased a eucalyptus table mat for tea and four matching coasters. I kept the little round mat and gifted them the coasters. Whenever I use my mat for tea I think of Pauline and Eric and wonder if they are using their coasters for their tea.

  107. Taylor Hawkins

    I am from Canada, and the best souvenir I’ve ever gotten was a handmade rain stick in Jamaica ๐Ÿ™‚

  108. Dessyslava Ionova

    Hello, I am from Bulgaria and I think I have no favorite souvineer as all of them are really precious to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  109. Sara Trojaniello

    Hi, I’m from Italy. ๐Ÿ™‚
    The best souvenir I bought was for myself… it was a box of Laduree’s macarons, from Paris.
    I’ve eaten them all just arrived in Italy! ๐Ÿ˜›

  110. Ling


    I think i was about 14 years old or maybe younger. My Mum had given me some money for duty free shopping when she sent me off on my flight to the Philippines to meet my Dad. I bought a Givenchy perfume and I thought it was the height of sophistication. I think that is the most memorable souvenior as I learnt that 1) a hot room is perfume’s worst enemy 2) for the first time in my life I felt like an adult shopping at DFS (Duty Free Singapore).
    Ling recently posted..Random Daiso FailsMy Profile

  111. Sarah

    hey i’m from marocco, well the best souvenir i’ve been given and still keeping is a taddy bear, my gram’s got it for me and i just love it so much it’s little bit shildhood at my age but what to do the heart want what he want hhhh thank u for this amazin giveaway

  112. aarone mawdsley

    Im from Canada

    I like to buy tshirts

  113. Rae D.

    In Canada. I’ve brought back a leather bag from Italy and perhaps my favourite is an Italian pair of shoes in soft, orange leather. I like to buy practical regional products that I’ll use when possible.

  114. Ferna ( Eunna Chae)

    I’m from Indonesia
    so far the best souvenirs i bought for myself were few CD’s from my Favorite Kpop idols from Taiwan ~

  115. rosana paschoalim

    Sou do Brasil, as melhores lembranรงas que eu comprei foram artesanatos locais

  116. Jess Connor

    Hi! I’m from Australia.

    My favorite souvenir is a bright red door mat we got on Portebello Road in London saying ” Keep Calm and come in ” ( I think it may send the wrong message to door-to-door-salesman)
    Jess Connor recently posted..OceanMy Profile

  117. Tanene

    Hello, I live in Australia and my favourite souvenir is a dish and spoon I got given to me as a gift from my friend from Mexico. The colours are so pretty. I never use it, as I don’t want it to get broken but it’s always out on display ๐Ÿ™‚

  118. Ruzaika

    I’m from Sri Lanka.. The best souvenir I got for myself recently would be a lovely watch I got from the UK ๐Ÿ™‚

  119. Jc Loh

    My friend bought me a kittens laden scarf from China and it was simply purrfect!!

    I’m from Malaysia, thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  120. Saph

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!
    I’m in the Bahamas and my favorite souvenir is a Turkish tea set. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Saph recently posted..DK FindOut – An encyclopedia for kidsMy Profile

  121. Saph

    Don’t think my comment went through so trying again –
    I’m in the Bahamas and my favorite souvenir is a Turkish tea set!

  122. BlackAsphodel

    The best souvenir I bought was an hourglass. I’m from Romania.

  123. Theresa

    I’m from Canada. When my husband and I first met we went antiquing and he bought me a lovely teacup.

  124. ingrid robertson

    I’m from Australia and the best souvenir is Chocolate. Always Chocolate!

  125. Danielle Nantau

    I’m from Canada! I love shot glasses from anywhere foreign!

  126. samantha turnbull

    im from canada and the best souvenir i bought was this bottle of booze called dragons breath chilli pepper and butterscotch liquer and i made all my friends take a shot of it when i got back from australia it was hilarious

  127. debbie

    Im from new zealand and the best souvenir I got given was an eagle carved from the heart of a palm tree

  128. Cristina Popescu

    I’m from Romania. The best souvenir was a leather jacket from Greece, where we spend yoru honey moon.

  129. Harpe

    I’m from Aus, one of my favourites souvenirs is a jewelry box from Cairo.

  130. Trish W

    Bejewelled slippers from Rajasthan, India <3

  131. Liberty Fontanilla

    1. Which country are you from? Philippines
    2. Whatโ€™s the best souvenir youโ€™ve been given or bought for yourself? A keychain. ๐Ÿ™‚

  132. Jennelle Leow

    I’m from Singapore and the best souvenir i have given to is magnet from all around the world where my friend love to collect them ๐Ÿ™‚

  133. tanya soyer

    I’m from Ukraine.
    The best souvenir I got from my colleague from work – it is big statue for collecting and keeping all my jewelry! It is very beuatiful and decorate my room as well ๐Ÿ˜‰

  134. Maegan Morin

    Im from Canada and the best thing that I have ever received was a beautiful hand carved dragon from my parents.

  135. Kaye Wong

    I am from Singapore. The best souvenir I have been given is my favourite perfume ๐Ÿ™‚

  136. Laura Scriven

    From Australia. I purchased a marble carved candle holder at the Taj Mahal. It reminds me of its beauty!

  137. Lisa

    I’m in Canada. The best souvenir I received was a special four leaf clover keychain from Japan!

  138. Gemma ibarra

    1. Which country are you from? Argentina
    2. Whatโ€™s the best souvenir youโ€™ve been given or bought for yourself? A keychain of Costa Rica and Brasil xD

  139. Qian

    Iโ€™m from the US and my favorite souvenir is a tiny Swiss army knife my dad got me from Zurich 20 years ago. I still keep it in my makeup bag and keep it around all the time ๐Ÿ™‚

  140. natalie antia

    I’m from Canada and the best souvenir that was given to me would be homemade quilt from Newfoundland the quilt consisted of patches and swatches of the town’s ppl old donated clothes. So heavy and so much love and care was put in it

  141. Tabatha Voss

    Hello from Australia, the best souvenir I have been given are my memories of the lplaces I’ve travelled

  142. Lilly

    I’m from India and the best souvenir I got was a hand made silver pendant and chain my mom and dad got for me from Austria some 10 years ago! ๐Ÿ™‚

  143. Jessica chan

    Hello! I’m in Australia too! My favourite souvenir is a simple magnet from Rome that has 3 images of David the slave getting fatter and a simple tag line “I love spaghetti”. Makes me smile to myself every time I open the fridge

  144. Kayl

    Hi! I’m proudly from the beautiful Republic of the Philippines and the best souvenir that I’ve ever bought is a weaved bag which I gave to my mom. And perhaps the best souvenir I’ll ever get is this souvenir from you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you & Godspeed!

  145. Kate Dvornik

    I’m from Australia and my fave souvenir is a Czech crystal bowl bought from Prague!

  146. Vera D

    I’m from Australia. My favourite omiyage is a Japanese Geisha Doll given to me in 1977 when my family visited an Iron Ore carrier on it’s way back to Japan.

  147. Laura S.

    I’m from Canada! and the best souvenirs I’ve both given and bought I think would be food/snacks unique to the travel destination. Often it’s hard to find stuff that people will actually like, but food and trying new things is always welcome in my family!

  148. Cynthia Richardson

    1. I’m from the US
    2. The best souvenir I’ve bought for myself was a Raymond Weil watch in Jamaica. Sadly I lost it after wearing it daily for 10 years.

  149. Jenny Rae

    Hi from Canada. The best souvenir I received was a hoodie from a university I’ve always wanted to go to. It is really motivating when I wear it!

  150. Leanne white

    We travelled to the USA in January and we went to the spectacular Grand Canyon it wasn’t until we got back to the hotel our young one had picked a rock from the this is our best souvenir ever a piece of the Grand Canyon

  151. Sara Cehennemden

    Hi ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m from Portugal ๐Ÿ™‚
    My best souvenir was a ‘mexican hat’ that I bought on my senior year class trip ๐Ÿ˜€

  152. Maria Griffin

    I’m from Canada and the best souvenir I received was from my daughter in law when she came to visit from Tokyo. It’s a leather key fob. It’s special because we had coffee in the cafe that exhibits these beautiful leather items made by mentally challenged artisans. I was in Tokyo to meet my 2 week old grand daughter when we had coffee at that cafe. It’s a small item but it brings back so many memories.

  153. Ash

    I’m from Australia ๐Ÿ™‚ and I think my favourite souvenirs that I bring home when I travel are normally a bunch of pretty postcards – I stick them everywhere to remind me of my exciting adventures ๐Ÿ™‚ plus they’re easy to pack ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Ash recently posted..Foundation Files / Innoxa Age Erase Serum FoundationMy Profile

  154. Ginny

    I’m from Malaysia. My favourite souvenir from overseas didn’t cost a cent. I was in the early stages of learning floral arrangement and loved how eucalyptus foliage looks in a table arrangement. When the other half went on a company trip to New Zealand, I casually requested for him to bring back a bunch for me. Well, the guy who can’t tell the difference between one kind of leaf and another actually plucked the exact variety of eucalyptus leaves that I wanted for a centrepiece. By the time I saw a real life eucalyptus tree myself in Australia, I realised it was no mean feat sourcing and plucking eucalyptus leaves from the tree. He might have even broken a law or two in the process! Whew!

  155. Belinda (Bee) Ban

    I’m from Australia and my favourite souvenir is a gorgeous Japanese origami Geisha girl and with so many intricate and complicated paper folds, it is a true work of art ๐Ÿ™‚

  156. Marta Karpiล„ska

    I’m from Poland but temporarily I live in the Netherlands:))
    The best souvenir I bought for my Spanish friend was traditional national cotume. She was very excited:))

  157. Reni

    I’m from Hungary but I’m a traveller and have just come back after living 2 years in England (and already looking for my new adventure!)
    My favorite souvenir is a seashell necklace a friend of mine brought for me from Hawaii! ๐Ÿ™‚

  158. Barbara Sienkiewicz

    I’m from Poland but I live and study in the Netherlands.
    The best souvenir I’ve been given was a special Greek tea with herbs I’ve go for my birthday. Sounds boring but it was perfect for me :).
    Barbara Sienkiewicz recently posted..Melange headbandMy Profile

  159. Arianne Mae C Capaciete

    Hi ๐Ÿ™‚
    Iโ€™m from Philippinesl ๐Ÿ™‚
    My best souvenir was a t-shirt i bought from boracay island

  160. Tina

    Im am from Croatia
    My best souvenir was Buz Lightyear from Disneyworld

  161. Nadia

    I am from Melbourne, Australia
    Best souvernir was a biscuite from Netherland.

  162. Celina

    hi Tine,
    I am from West Australia.
    My fave souvenir is a handmade cushion cover from Sapa, Vietnam.
    Everytime I look at it, it reminds me that someone somewhere in the world has to trek 2 hours from her village just to sell a few handcraft pieces to support her family.

  163. Yvonne Guzman

    I live in Puerto Rico. The latest souvenir that I bought myself was four years ago. I went to the Space Needle un Washington and bought a tee shirt in bright pretty orange color.

  164. Dianne Childs

    I’m from Australia
    The best souvenir I’ve ever bought is a gorgeous pink flamingo ornament from San Diego Zoo. It’s so pretty!

  165. Michaela

    Hullo! Michaela here from Melbourne Australia. Best souvenir I have ever bought was an evening bag from the Ladies’ market in Hong Kong. I haggled them down and it is silver and goes with everything. I think of fond moments from my trip when I wear it.

  166. Allison

    I’m from the US. The best souvenir I have ever bought was not politically correct, but it was quite a long time ago, a mink jacket in London. I gave it to my auntie, and she still wears it to keep warm in our freezing, snowy winters.
    Allison recently posted..Holiskin Handmade Natural/Organic SkincareMy Profile

  167. KylieD

    I’m from Australia.

    My very best favourite souvenir was a Diptyque Figuier candle purchased at Harrods in London. Ridiculously expensive and indulgent, it made me happy every time I looked at it for a very long time. Worth every penny!

  168. Jayne Kavanagh

    I always buy a little souvenir with a bit of sparkle. I pack them away and love unwrapping them for my tree at Christmas.

  169. Steve Peterson

    Hey, I’m from Australia

    My best souvenir ever brought was a little flag pin of the first country I visited….it spawned a large collection that now covers the hat. The hat has been stolen many times by so-called friends being funny, and has been left on a Belgian train, Mongolian taxi and Vietnamese bus but I always get it back somehow. So yeah, the flag pin that started it all

  170. Joy

    I am from Canada and I think the nicest souvenir I’ve gotten was when a friend of mine went to Florida (lucky girl!) during one our winters and she brought me back a really nice Large Conch Seashell! Love it in my bathroom with my perfumes and fav lipsticks around it. It looks awesome.

  171. Amanda

    I’m from Australia and the nicest souvenir I got was a shell that my son had picked off the beach for me. He’s 3 and it just melted my heart and I’ll keep it forever.

  172. Mehr Alam

    Hi from Bahrain!
    I love the silk paintings of the Grand Palace and longboats my husband and I got from Thailand, souvenirs of our honeymoon and first vacation together! (:

  173. nicole morris

    im from australia.
    best souvenir have recieved is a wooden ornament statue from fiji. it has my name and hubbys name on it and our wedding date. its supposed to be good luck and mean we stay together forever. i love it

  174. Brenda Penton

    I am from Canada. The best souvineer I received was a shirt from Scotland from my best friend. I’d love to visit Scotland

  175. Sheau Yuan

    Hi Tine!
    I’m from Malaysia, and the best souvenirs that I bought for myself are all the sake cups & handmade teapot set from Kyoto, Gryffindor, Spiderman, Snoopy and Halloween edition Mickley & Minnie mugs all the way from Japan!

  176. Charlotte S

    Hi, I’m from Australia ๐Ÿ™‚ the best souvenir I’ve bought for myself is my Disneyland throw rug… I use it all the time and it’s like being wrapped in a hug from the happiest place on earth!!!

    Thanks for the chance ๐Ÿ™‚

  177. Jana Milutinovic

    Im Jana from Serbia.
    Like your blog and posts. Keep goin’
    Love, Jana.

  178. D Butt

    I am from Alberta. Best souvenior was oil and spices from Greece.

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