Oroton 50% Off Sale

Note: Thanks very much for the encouragement, ladies. I reckon it’s just a phase I had to go through. Just to clear a few things up, your beauty blogs do get me excited about new makeup to try. It’s just me that the feeling fades quicker than usual. Also, I’m not expecting 😛

A few days ago, I received this in the mail.

Oroton FF09 Sale

Oh snap! I’m a huge fan of Oroton bags, purses and accessories, and I’ve never seen it having a 50% discount sale before. We’re talking about EVERYTHING in store, going at half price!

Yesterday, I headed over to Chadstone Shopping Centre to check it out, and oh my goodness, the crowd was simply crazy! I didn’t manage to take out my mobile phone to snap a photo due to the massive amount of people in the tiny store. Suffice to say, people sure are using Ruddy boy’s stimulus package well.

I’ve been eying a certain red bag from Oroton for a while now, but never seem to have the heart to part cash with it. But with the half-price discount, I didn’t think twice to snap it up.

Oroton Red Bag

I’m not sure if you actually need to bring the card with you to get the discount, as I’ve seen some people without it still able to buy items at half price. A tip – if you don’t have an Oroton member’s card or the discount card, buddy up to other customers in store who are. More often than not, they’d be more than happy to bring you in on the discount. Who doesn’t love a good bargain and a new bag buddy, right?

Oroton Red Bag Closeup

A lot of the items in Oroton stores are pretty much snapped up, so if you still want a piece of the action, go quickly. The sale ends on Sunday, 17 May. The offer is also available online at Oroton.com; just use the promo code FF09.

I may have lost interest in makeup for a bit, but I’ll be damned if I lose interest in bags!

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15 comments… add one
  1. ParisB

    That is a gorgeous bag! *salivates* I love the color and damn! Now I want Oroton bags – how can?! 😛

  2. beetrice

    you bad BAD girl…*adds to the puddle of saliva left by Paris*…they have makeup mules…can we now have bag mules?? LOL…*bats eyelids*

  3. prettybeautiful

    eh this is so nice!!!!! lurrrve the color, and the design! i also want 🙁

  4. Li

    oh no! I love Oroton 🙁 too bad I am a whole airplane flight away… you lucky thing!

    I love that red bag, the handle attachment is lovely – i really think it makes all the difference, cheaper bags just don’t have that special touch when it comes to hardware

  5. jojoba

    ah, i remember oroton! it has quite decent stuff. :)))

    i guess i should ask you what i should use for skin care when i move to sydney??? i want something cheap and good. LOL. plan to save $$$ for traveling and stuff. no more makeup hauls for me. sigh…

  6. gio

    That bag is gorgeous! I love the color and the design!

  7. Tine

    Can can. Bee asked me to get one for her. You want one too? 😉

    I’ll try to get you the one you want. Finger crossed that it’s still available 😛

    I’ve been eying this one for ages. Thank God for the half-price discount 🙂

    I know, right? What drew me to the bag, other than the super soft leather, was the silver bit at the sides.

    So glad you’ll be moving to Sydney. I’ll pop by for a visit some day and maybe we can meet up!

    As for skincare, what you’re using right now should suffice. Works for me anyway. The only part which is dry for me is the body, and I double up on the body creams for that. That, and lots and lots of sunscreen 🙂

    Thanks, me too!

  8. cuteandcurls

    I love going to a shop that sells everything 1/2 price. That hobo bag is gorgeous, I love the color but knowing me when it comes to handbags I always go for black ..black ..black! That hobo bag reminds me of one of my bag but this one is much more prettier!! I do wonder where that hobo bag of mine is!!

  9. Indulgent Diva

    This is funny! We have the same taste! I happened to be passing past an Oroton shop this afternoon during my lunch break and saw tons of people inside and being curious me, I went in and heard from the salesgirl that there was a 50% sale storewide! I grabbed a few wallets as prezzies for my family and was eye-ing that same bag you bought as well! I’ve been thinking all day whether I want to get it or not…ahaha…Still thinking…must decide fast though! But it definitely is a very, very GORGEOUS bag! *salivate*

  10. NONNY

    I like Oroton handbag,every time i’m going to harbourtown
    I must past to Oroton Shop,Looking for more discount 50%
    When you have 50% dicount again Thank you.

  11. danny

    can anyone help looking to buy a oroton lila charm bag they rrp for $295.00 and I can not find one anywhere in australia for free please help. shelleycove@hotmail.com

  12. Leah

    You can try go to birkenhead point @ drummoyne
    There is oroton factory outlet and they sell most at 50%off
    My brother buy man wallet at cheap price

  13. Maria Garcia

    I’m interested to be member of oroton club!

  14. ML Latif

    Just bought 5 pcs from DFO Sydney for my wife. Nice and Beauty

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