Tsumiki Design Blogger Event

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a bloggers’ event hosted by Tsumiki Design at Prahran. It’s a Japanese hair salon, quietly tucked away upstairs on Greville Street. In fact, I actually got lost searching for the salon; it’s that hidden! But when I finally found it, went up the stairs, I was greeted by a lovely, wide-spaced salon, complete with gorgeous vintage decor.

Tsumiki Design Blogger Event

The objective of the event was to introduce the salon and its services, especially the Yuko hair straightening system. It’s very popular in London and Japan, and Tsumiki Design is currently the only hair salon in Australia that offers the Yuko treatment. The owner and hair director of the salon, Taka Nishimura and senior stylist, Mai, showed us a video demonstration on the Yuko hair straightening system. As someone who has dry, coarse, very frizzy hair that needs to be ironed every other day, I was eyeing that treatment like a hawk 😉

Tsumiki Design Blogger Event

Due to time constraints, we were not able to individually try out the Yuko system. However, we did have the pleasure of getting our hair washed, blow-dried, and styled. Tina even had her hair coloured! As for me, I had a fringe trim and style by Taka. But I did get to do something most of the rest didn’t get to do (HAH!) – hair spa!

Tsumiki Design Blogger Event

For those of you wondering what a hair spa is, it’s a hair wash, treatment, and just about the most amazing head and neck massage I’ve ever had. Stylist Anna did wonders on my head with essential oils and a great massage. I, erm, may or may not have actually dozed off and snorted in my sleep while the rest were walking about the salon 😛

Tsumiki Design Blogger Event - Triceangle

Scrumptious hors d’oeuvres courtesy of Triceangle. They were oh-so-good!

Tsumiki does not only offer hair services, but nail services too. If you’re looking to get the perfect manicure, or better yet, highly intricate Japanese nail art, look no further than Clara Hwang, who’s the nail expert at Tsumiki. She did our nails that day, mostly with 3D nail art. I shall be doing a separate post on her stunning work, but suffice to say, her creativity completely blew our socks off.

Tsumiki Design Blogger Event

The afternoon was highly enjoyable, and the people at Tsumiki couldn’t be lovelier. It’s a beautiful salon with top-notch service. I had a look at the service prices, and they’re surprisingly reasonable for a salon in Prahran (I’ve definitely seen more expensive ones in the city, and their services couldn’t even compare with Tsumiki’s).

Many thanks to Tsumiki Design for having us. I’ve had such a wonderful time 🙂

PS: Oooh we’re on YouTube too! 😛

Stay tuned to coming posts on the Yuko hair straightening system and nail services by Clara.

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  1. elle

    nice~ i wanna stop by this when im back in melb, since my stylist from fur left!

    xoxo elle
    elle recently posted..Elle Tip: Keep wing eyeliner smudge freeMy Profile

  2. Raylene

    Looks like an amazing Salon! 🙂

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