Australis Voluptulash Mascara Gives Me Sky-High Curves

Last week, I reviewed a beautiful mascara that does not clump on me and ticks all the right boxes. Today, I’m going to show you another mascara which I discovered and love, and that’s the Australis Voluptulash Mascara.

Australis Voluptulash Mascara

The ultimate volume and building mascara! The curved silicon brush tapers to evenly coat each lash, even in the inner corner of the eye. Delivers natural looking, defined lashes.

I have to get this off my chest first. In comparison to the Face of Australia Impact Curl mascara, this one clumps like a son of a biscuit. It does. My lashes stick together and I get odd bits of mascara at the ends of my lashes. Whenever I use this mascara, I have to use a mini steel comb to separate the lashes and remove the clumps.

Australis Voluptulash Mascara Brush

So why do I love this mascara despite its shortcomings? Two words. Volume. Length. Big emphasis on the latter. All of a sudden, I have thick, long lashes. Somehow the formula also makes the lashes maintain their curl, although I suspect that could also be partly due to my plying on 3 layers of mascara on my lashes.

Australis Voluptulash Mascara

This mascara has a tube-formulation that “tubes” every lash. It’s long-wearing without smudging (I once had this on for over 10 hours and not a single smudge in sight), and removal isn’t difficult.

I love this mascara, I really do. I don’t even mind the extra step of combing my lashes to remove the clumps. I’ve been using it on an almost daily basis, which is something I rarely do because I hadn’t really been a fan of mascara before. A lot of women swear by mascara and lipgloss alone; something I never quite understood why. It’s a revelation all right.

*cue heavenly chorus*

Australis Voluptulash Mascara Before and After

Along with Face of Australia’s Impact Curl mascara, well, I believe I have found The One. I can have two “The Ones”, can’t I? :P

Australis Voluptulash Mascara retails at AU$10.95 and is available at Priceline, Kmart, Big W and Target stores nationwide.

What I like about it: Gives my lashes great volume and length. Long-wearing, no smudges

What I do not like about it: Clumps. Clumps. Clumps.

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17 comments… add one

  1. Celeste @ Becoming Beautiful

    Hmmmm, I’m really lazy about mascaras. To have to do that extra step, even if the end result is good… I dunno. Having said that, I think I best dig my own out for a trial run to make up my own mind!
    Celeste @ Becoming Beautiful recently posted..I Heart Organizing: Bathroom, Part 1My Profile

    1. Tine

      Celeste: I’ve always been lazy about mascaras. In fact, before this and the FOA Impact Curl, I very rarely wear mascara. Unless I’m heading out in the evenings, I would almost never wear one. It’s true when they say the right product can make all the difference. I wear this on an almost daily basis now :)

  2. Kaye

    Pow! Look at that length! Very very impressive. And yes. You can have two The One’s. We’ve all seen Twilight :p

    1. Tine

      Kaye: Hahahaha snap Kaye! Good one! :P

  3. Jyoan

    Your lashes are so long naturally. Envies. haha =)
    Jyoan recently posted..Maybelline Baby Lips SPF20 Lip Balm 8HMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Jyoan: Aww really? I thought they’re so short and stumpy! :P

      1. Jyoan

        haha, because I think mine are seriously short.
        Jyoan recently posted..Maybelline Jelly GlowMy Profile

  4. Anneler Günü Hediyesi

    Very very impressive!

    1. Tine

      Anneler: Thanks Anneler :)

  5. Issa

    wow, it really gives volume and length! glad you found two “The Ones” :)

    1. Tine

      Issa: Hee hee, what a stroke of luck :D

  6. gio

    It’s a shame about the clumps, but it gives a lot of length and volume too. It’s impressive indeed.
    gio recently posted..A Quick And Easy Way To Clean Your Makeup BrushesMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Gio: Definitely forgiveable for the length and volume. Makes me a very happy camper with a mini steel comb :P

  7. lira

    I will give this a try! I’ve been looking for the perfect mascara! Do you have suggestions for eyeliners that doesn’t smudge? I usually end up having racoon eyes! Very frustrating! Thanks!

    xx lovefashion –

    1. Tine

      Lira: Unfortunately, I’m still on the lookout for the perfect pencil eyeliner that does not smudge (I’m assuming you’re talking about pencil eyeliners, not liquid ones). So far the one that does not smudge as quickly (gives me at least 5 hours of smudge-free eyes) is the Prestige Waterproof eyeliner. The colour is not as strong as the Total Intensity one, but at least it stays put longer than most eyeliners I’ve tried. But a totally smudge-free one? I still haven’t a clue :P

  8. Adeline Er

    This is my new found love!!!

    Whist it clumps big time, it gives me more volume and perfect curls! :)

    1. Tine

      Adeline: Yay another fan! :D

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