Here’s Something From Japan For You!


Japan 2014 Giveaway

Happy weekend fellow beautyholics!

Now even though I got back from my Japanese holiday last month, I wouldn’t just come back with a shopping haul for myself. I got something for you too!

Just a little omiyage (souvenir) from me too you as a quick thank you for being such awesome readers. Nothing too fancy but I still hope you like it nevertheless.

There’ll be two prizes, one for an Australian reader and the other for an international reader. Not all of the prizes will be the same so as for who gets what … well, the winners will just have to found out later, won’t they? 😉

Japan 2014 Giveaway

Here’s what each reader will win:

  • A Pure Smile Essence Mask
  • A Leanani Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
  • A Lavshuca BB Lip Essence
  • A Cezanne Mix Color Cheek Blush
  • A souvenir from Osaka
  • A Burberry handkerchief


All you have to do is leave a comment below answering the following questions:
1. What country you’re from (this giveaway is open internationally)
2. What’s your next holiday destination? If a holiday isn’t in the books for you at the moment, where would your dream holiday destination be?

Easy peasy!


1. This contest is open to Australian and international readers.
2. Anyone can enter the competition regardless of whether you’ve won anything here before.
3. Only one comment per contestant will be accepted.
4. Please keep it clean and spam-free.
5. The closing date for this giveaway is 15 July 2014.
6. Two (2) winners will be selected at random. The winners of the giveaway will be announced in the Competition/Giveaways page. Winners will also be notified via email.
7. The winners will be required to submit his/her name and contact address to Beautyholics Anonymous, who will be sending the prize out (please read Beautyholics Anonymous’ privacy statement for more information).
8. The winner must respond to the notification email to claim the prize within 5 working days.
9. Beautyholics Anonymous reserves the right to change the terms of this giveaway at any time.

Good luck! 😀

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  1. Wendy Lange

    I’m from Canada! I don’t have an exotic holiday in my plans currently but would love to travel to Hawaii or Australia.

  2. Jennelle Leow

    I am from Singapore and my next holiday will be in December where i will travel to Hongkong for the nice weather and of course the food.

  3. Katherine Lewis

    I’m from the USA! My next holiday is actually coming next week and I’ll be going to Mexico!

  4. Alona Y

    Hi, I’m from the US and my next holiday destination is to the “land of the parents” which is only a few towns away, lol. I would love to go all around Europe as a dream destination!

  5. Casandra

    Hello! I’m from Spain and I wasn’t planning on going somewhere this year – things are a bit difficult around here- but luckily for me, I won a vacation to Turkey! Yay!!

  6. Andrea Darst

    I’m in the USA, we just got back from Cancun in May and my dream vacation would be to the Virgin Islands or Bora Bora

  7. Karen C

    I’m from Australia and don’t have any holiday planned, but my dream destination would be Paris.

  8. Hilary

    1) Australia (but previously the UK, and a couple of other places that didn’t work out long term)
    2) Unfortunately nothing actually booked as of yet, but my (very long) list has the following at the top:
    a) The Kimberley – totally stole my heart during our travels around Australia. And its warm there at the moment (I live in Adelaide. Its NOT warm here at the moment :( )
    b)Japan – one of the reasons for moving this side of the world was so Japan was easier to get to. More chance of a flying unicorn making me breakfast tomorrow than me getting there to be honest, but I can dream 😛
    c) Bali – because its a cliche, so we have to go at some point. And its WARM there at the moment. See a theme?

    (Come to Australia they said. Its warm here they said. They lied :P)
    Hilary recently posted..Bacon!My Profile

  9. Guia

    I’m in Australia and I’m planning to go to Osaka, Japan at the end of the year!

  10. Rachel

    I’m from Australia, and my dream holiday is to the Greek Islands!
    Rachel recently posted..Review: Clarins Double Serum Complete Age ConcentrateMy Profile

  11. Alyson

    I’m from Australia, and my next holiday is to Japan!

    This is my third trip – it’s definitely one of the most incredible places I’ve been!

  12. Eunice

    I’m from where you are now, Melbourne!

    No vacation plans yet as I’m baking baby #2 so not in the best condition to travel. But will be looking forward to bringing baby back to Singapore when he/she arrives for a while.. :)

  13. Sandy

    I am from Canada! Or family is camping about 2 hours from home for a few days next month :)

  14. Lyne

    I’m from Malaysia :)

    My next holiday plan is a trip to South India with mom. She’s enthusiastic about visiting it after a friend of hers can’t stop raving about the delicious food and massages. It’s a nice change from the usual r&r destinations like Bali or Phuket so I’m looking forward to it too.

  15. Michelle

    I’m from Malaysia and wish to hv a vacation in the United States

  16. Sharon Ngo

    I’m from the tropical country of Malaysia. Not very keen in going anywhere hotter than here since it’s summer now, so my dream vacation will be somewhere near the beach. Soak in the water, go swimming, snorkeling and that’s good enough. So I guess I’ll like to go Boracay or Maldives but best bet is Thai beaches or islands (more affordable compared to our budgets).

  17. Jasmine

    I’m from Australia
    I dream of going to Bora Bora

  18. Jocelyn


    I’m from Malaysia. Korea would be my next to-go country. Not this year, most probably next year.

  19. Efrain

    I’m from Mexico and my dream destination will be New York.
    Efrain recently posted..Los imprescindibles en belleza cuando falta tiempoMy Profile

  20. Norlin

    Whoah! Stupid not to enter. So…me, I’m in Melbourne (I think you know that :p) and my next destination will be Singapore come October! Woohoo – food spree!
    Norlin recently posted..Fashion Day: Styling Pleather LeggingsMy Profile

  21. Connie

    I’m from Malaysia. I would love to visit Italy with my husband. I’m now undergoing chemotherapy and later radiotherapy for my breast cancer. I hope to be well next year to visit Italy.

  22. Fei

    I’m from Melbourne, Australia. With a new baby, a holiday is the last thing to be had! But I would love to go to Fiji again. Hubby and I had our honeymoon there and it was paradise on Earth :)

  23. Rim

    country : Tunisia
    dream holiday destination : Japan ( I’m a super otaku )

  24. Lynnette

    I’m from Miami, Florida (USA) and for my 25th birthday in November, I am heading off to Los Angeles, CA for the first time :D. Awesome giveaway and good luck to everyone.

  25. Yvonne

    Hi Tine,

    Thanks for shopping for us on your holiday again! :)
    I’m living in Melbourne, Australia.
    I don’t currently have a holiday planned, but my dream holiday would be complete part of the Santiago de Compostela track through Europe – eating my way around.


  26. Cathy

    I’m from the US, and would love to go to Universal Studios to see the new Harry Potter exhibit with my boys!

  27. Cynthia Richardson

    I’m from the US and my next holiday destination (hopefully) is to Savannah, Georgia to visit my son and his family. It’s probably terribly humid there right now, so maybe in a couple of months. My dream holiday would be an Alaska cruise with the entire family.

  28. melanie w

    I am from Western Australia my next holiday is in 7 weeks and counting we are off on a family trip to Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

  29. alex

    I’m from the U.S.! My next holiday is London this fall for a wedding and I can’t wait!
    alex recently posted..Reading…My Profile

  30. Kasey

    i live in the United States and my next vacation will be to Chicago.

  31. Kasia

    Hi! I’m from Poland and my next holiday destination is Crete, Greece :)

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