I’m Baaaaack!

Brother's Wedding

Happy Monday!

After a 2+ week break away, I’m finally back on the blog! How have you been? Oh I sure have missed you. How I’ve missed blogging as well.

The break was a sorely needed one. I know I said that I would be on social media reporting on my travel shenanigans but to tell you the truth, it felt good to even stay away from social media for a bit. Plus I was so busy helping out with my brother’s wedding with lots of errands to run that I didn’t even have time to think about checking or posting on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram! It was then that I decided that I needed a break from social media as well. And believe you me, it felt good to not be checking my phone constantly.

How was the wedding, you ask? Oh it was wonderful! I can’t believe that my baby brother is married and that I have a new sister-in-law. How bizarre is that? 😛 For privacy reasons, I won’t be able to show you photos of family and friends at the wedding but I’ll show you my preparation for the wedding reception (which makes this rather awkward because obviously the wedding wasn’t about me but I’m sure you know what I mean. I really wish I could show you more). My mum actually hired a makeup artist to come to our house to have both our makeup done. That makeup artist did such a great job on my hair and makeup. And to think I actually told my mum it wasn’t necessary for me since I should know how to apply makeup given what I do (y’know, being a *ahem* beauty blogger and all *ahem* #seriouslydeludedshowoff). Yeah, what an idiot I was because I couldn’t do nearly half of what the makeup artist did, and that included application of false eyelashes, which you know I’m rubbish at. Tsk tsk. 😛

The week I was in Penang was pretty much wedding prep week so I didn’t do much shopping. Even so, I managed to snag a few items here and there, which I’m quite happy with. The best thing I brought back from Malaysia? A full-sized bolster. Best. Thing. EVER. Oh, and I may or may not have also gotten one of you a lil’ somethin’ somethin’, which you’ll find out about soon enough. 😉

Brother's Wedding

Wedding hair and makeup prep

Brother's Wedding

The groom aka my brother came to me for concealer! Tee hee hee!

What I Wore At My Brother's Wedding

What I wore to the wedding. The dress was from Bariano.

Brother's Wedding And My Shopping Haul

That bolster was the best thing I brought back with me. Did something shopping of beauty products too, of course. The IOPE cushion foundation and masks were gifts from my mum, who bought them from her trip to South Korea. Let me know if there’s anything you’re interested in knowing more about and I’ll add those reviews to the front of the queue.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos as I slowly ease myself back into blogging. It’s true what they say; once you’ve stopped doing something for a while, it takes a bit of getting used to going back to doing it again. Oh yeah, I’m getting a tad rusty in blogging!

How have YOU been? Tell me tell me tell me!

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25 comments… add one
  1. Asha

    Welcome back Tine, you look(ed?) gorgeous! That dress! <3

    1. Tine

      Thanks Asha! That dress was actually too long for me and loose in the *ahem* boobage area so I had it altered when I was back in Malaysia. With that much altering, it cost me $10. It would have easily cost me over $50 here! >.<

      1. Asha

        I hear ya! Basic tailoring is pretty ridic expensive here, wish I’d learned to sew from my mum now! At least for the basics like hemming etc. :S

        1. Tine

          Me too. My so-called hemming is atrocious. 🙁

          1. catherine

            (They have iron-on tape for that)

  2. Kat

    Yay! Welcome back!! Your photos and you looked great. Gotta love weddings! I’ve been on school holidays (work) so nice break and also worked at a few dance competitions. Back to work tomorrow!!
    Kat recently posted..Curl Them LashesMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Thanks Kat! Oooh dance competitions! What’s the style? 😛

      1. Kat

        These ones had many mixed into them but divided into age groups. There were hip hop, jazz, lyrical, tap, contemporary. Makes for a very interesting day of watching!
        Kat recently posted..Curl Them LashesMy Profile

        1. Tine

          Sounds like a lot of fun! 😀

  3. MonicaP

    How wonderful! Glad you got to take a break .. it’s nice to not think about content for a change I’m sure.

    Makeup looks fab too! You know a makeup artist will use more makeup that we do every day .. definitely a good investment ( esp for pictures!! ).

    MonicaP recently posted..A summer style cami dress that’s ready for fallMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Thanks Monica. I definitely agree; it felt really good not to think about content for a change. My brain couldn’t take it.
      I’m so glad I decided to go for the makeup artist instead. Really, what the heck was I thinking trying to do it on my own, when I had an expert on hand anyway? She did a fab job on the false eyelashes as well. It would have taken me 30 mins to sort that out and even though they won’t stick on that well. She took 5 mins for BOTH eyes.

  4. Swati Murti

    you are looking sooooo pretty and sooooooo different! love your dress and makeup and hair is the best!
    Swati Murti recently posted..The Science Behind CravingsMy Profile

    1. Swati Murti

      you should have gone for the red lip!!
      Swati Murti recently posted..Does Your Face need a Wash in the Morning?My Profile

      1. Tine

        Hahahah it didn’t show in the photos but I actually had bright fuchsia lipstick on. I didn’t have any on during the prep because I still had to eat and drink first before leaving for the wedding reception. I ended up applying later. 😛

  5. Mel

    Yay! I’ve missed your posts! But it actually led me to try and discover other beauty blogs, which was quite fun!
    Mel recently posted..Long Hair First World ProblemsMy Profile

    1. Tine

      That’s great! Which ones did you like? 😀

      1. Mel

        I did browse a few, but my favourites were ‘The Best Beauty Blog’ and ‘Ling Out Loud’. I’ll definitely be visiting them regularly now 🙂
        Mel recently posted..Long Hair First World ProblemsMy Profile

        1. Tine

          Oooh those are some of my favourite blogs! Ling is such a hoot! 😀

  6. Sue

    Tine that DRESS!! You look absolutely stunning! Glad you had a lovely time and a well deserved break too xxx
    Sue recently posted..COLAB by Ruth Crilly Dry ShampooMy Profile

    1. Tine

      Thanks Sue! I went with two girlfriends to go dress-hunting one weekend. One of them stumbled upon this dress. I knew that after trying this on, everything else paled in comparison. And because it was the last one that they had, it was heavily discounted. Score! 😀 😀 😀

  7. Angela

    Aw, you look so pretty!! I’m glad to hear the wedding was wonderful! Funnily enough, I actually also just went to a family wedding and had a forced internet break – my cousin was getting married in China, and we had a whole reunion of that side of the family. I’m looking forward to your future posts!!

    1. Tine

      Thanks Angela! Aww I love family reunions like that. Especially when everyone dress up! 😀

  8. Lee

    That dress! Perfect decision.

    And all I want in life is a bolster cushion.. Between boyfriend and cat however, I think I lack the real estate…

    1. Tine

      My bolster takes precedence on the bed and reduces Tim’s sleep area. Sorry, my bolster’s more important. KAKAKAKAK!!!

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