Win Paula’s Choice’s Hydralight Advanced Kits!


Win 2 Paula's Choice's Hydralight Kits

Happy Friday and welcome to the first giveaway on BA for 2015! I originally wanted to do one for January but for odd reason, it missed my editorial calendar. Ah well, better late than never, right? πŸ˜›

We’re kicking the first giveaway of the year with some goodies from Paula’s Choice. Now even though I don’t agree with everything Paula Begoun preaches about beauty products (I’ve mentioned on several occasions on the conflict of interest she has with her own brand of beauty products), I cannot deny the fact that quite a number of her Paula’s Choice skincare products are good. One of my favourite serums is the Resist Ultra-light Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum. The Resist C15 vitamin C serum is a very good one too.

I’d love for you to give Paula’s Choice a go too. The lovely people at Paula’s Choice have kindly sponsored Hydralight Advanced Kits for 2 lucky readers! Now I haven’t tried the Hydralight range but since I do still want you to give something I’ve tried and recommended a go, they’ve also decided to add the Resist C15 vitamin C serum too.

So, to reiterate, 2 lucky readers will win a Hydralight Advanced Kit + Resist C15 Super Booster serum worth AU$205 each!

Here’s some information about the Hydralight range and the Advanced Kit:

The Hydralight range is targeted towards those with oily to combination skin, particularly if you have extra sensitive skin and suffer from redness. This kit contains 5 products: Hydralight Cleanser, Hydralight Toner, 1% Beta Hydroxy Acid Lotion, Hydralight Shine-Free SPF 15 and Hydralight Lotion. Warning: please do not use the 1% Beta Hydroxy Acid Lotion if you are allergic to aspirin or its derivatives.

Sounds like something that’s right up my alley!

Oh and did I mention this giveaway is open worldwide? πŸ˜‰

Simply leave a comment below answering the questions:
1. Which country are you from?
2. Do you have any skin concerns? If so, what are they? E.g. oily, dry, premature wrinkles, etc.

1. This contest is open to Australian and international readers.
2. The total value of the prize in the contest is approximately AU$410.00.
3. Anyone can enter the competition regardless of whether you’ve won anything here before.
4. Only one comment per contestant will be accepted.
5. Please keep it clean and spam-free.
6. The closing date for this giveaway is 11.59pm, 13 February 2015 (Australian EDT). Comments submitted after this time will not be considered for the giveaway.
7. Two (2) winners will be selected at random. The winners of the giveaway will be announced in the Competition/Giveaways page on 16 February 2015. Winners will also be notified via email.
8. The winner will be required to submit his/her name and contact address to Beautyholics Anonymous. The contact details then will be submitted to Tailormaid Communications (the liaison for the competition), who will be sending the prizes to the winners (please read Beautyholics Anonymous’ privacy statement for more information).
9. The winner must respond to the notification email to claim the prize within 5 working days.
10. Prizes are not redeemable for cash and are non-transferable.
11. If for any reason beyond the Promoter’s control that the agreed prize is not available, a product of equal or greater value will be provided.
12. Beautyholics Anonymous and Tailormaid Communications are not responsible for prizes once they have been dispatched to the winner. Beautyholics Anonymous and Paula’s Choice reserve the right to change the terms of this giveaway at any time.

Good luck!

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  1. Jasmin

    Thank you for the giveaway!
    Country: Australia
    Skin concerns: Acne and oily skin

  2. Cecilia

    Wow, awesome giveaway!

    Country: born in Argentina, living in the United States.

    Skin concerns: giant pores, oily skin, and stubborn dark spots.
    Cecilia recently posted..Flash de viernes: excusas, swatches y hadas madrinasMy Profile

  3. Claire

    Hello Tine,

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this great giveaway from Paula’s Choice. I am from Australia.
    My main skin concerns are uneven skintone, dehydration and hyper pigmentation. I have this love hate relationship going on with my freckles and dark spots. The skincare range sounds really interesting and the Resist C15 Super Booster serum has been on my wish list after reading your review, it might just help fade my spots and give me brighter skin.

  4. Maria

    Thanks so much for the opportunity! I’ve wanted to try Paula’s choice for a while now…

    1. Which country are you from? I’m Spanish!
    2. Do you have any skin concerns? I have always struggled with acneic, oily skin, mainly hormonal breakouts, and large pores.

  5. Emily C

    I am from Canada. I have issues with an oily T zone and dark spots.

  6. Jess

    I’m an Aussie πŸ™‚

    I have been dealing with very dry skin for YEARS. Also a bit of redness most days. Great giveaway, I’ve heard a lot good stuff about Paula’s Choice, but never tried any products myself!

  7. Jasmine


    I have very oily skin

  8. Sarah

    I’m Australian, and I suffer from acne and normal to dry skin which is such a weird combination. I have large pores on my nose and have really sensitive skin.

  9. Caitlin

    Thank you for an amazing giveaway. I am from Australia and my skin concerns are texture and dehydration.

  10. Karen C

    Country: Australia
    Skin Concerns: Sensitive skin, redness prone, sun damaged and age related wrinkles!

  11. Galcha

    I’d love to take a chance in this. πŸ™‚
    Country: Estonia
    Skin Concerns: occasional breakouts, due to that uneven skin tone and prominently combination skin. πŸ™‚

  12. Balraj

    Greetings from Malaysia
    I have sensitive + oily skin
    Would love to try this out and hope for the lucky one
    good day!

  13. Niva

    Hi Tine, thanks for the amazing giveaway! I’ve heard so much about this brand and have been wanting to try for a while! Hope to catch up soon! xx
    Country: Australia
    Skin concerns: Dry in winter & oily in summer.
    Niva recently posted..Winner of Voguefit Blogiversary Giveaway & AnnouncementMy Profile

  14. Kimberley

    I’ve tried the Hydralight cleanser and toner before and loved them! Super interested in the other products too!
    Country: Australia
    Skin concerns: hormonal breakouts & uneven skin tone

  15. Lee

    Ah tine, you and your timing! I actually came here to try and remember that C serum you blogged about and here you are giving one away!

    I’m in Australia!
    My skin concerns are classic acneic oily skin, and since going back on the pill a super fun acne beard! Mean skincare has helped the acne but robbed me of hydration so a regime dedicated to balancing the two sounds fab!

  16. Mel

    I’m in Australia and my skin concerns are my super oily T-zone and blackheads, but mainly my oily, oily skin!
    Mel recently posted..Project 10 Pan! – All MakeupMy Profile

  17. Fars

    Hi Tine, great giveaway!
    Country: Australia
    Skin concerns: Discolouration, blackheads and undereye wrinkles

  18. Colleen Boudreau

    1. USA
    2. Acne and blackheads.

    Thank you! πŸ™‚

  19. Erika Ong

    Hi! I’m from Australia πŸ™‚
    My skin concerns are blackheads especially on my nose and forehead, really dark undereye circles and wrinkles, and skin discoloration.

  20. Lucidol

    Australia + Malaysia

    I have dry, dehydrated and some times sensitive skin.

    I have read lots of recommendations and articles from paula’s choice and would love to try the products

  21. Guia Chua

    Australia. Cystic acne, hyperpigmentation and oily skin.

  22. Fiey H

    Hi Tine, I’m from Malaysia. My skincare concerns are white/blackheads, uneven skin tone and some marks from the occasional breakouts (which makes the occasional breakouts a skincare concern too, sigh….)

  23. Robert C.

    Woo I’m excited haha!

    I’m in the UK now but my homeland is Malaysia.
    My skin concerns..hmm.. I’d say its pretty seasonal.
    I suffer from dryness in the winter (which is happening now in the UK sigh) and oiliness and breakouts in the summer with random patches of dryness.
    Robert C. recently posted..[Review] EsteΓ© Lauder Advance Night Repair Synchronize II SerumMy Profile

  24. Meiyi

    1. Singapore
    2. Brown spots and dry skin

  25. Paul Han

    From Singapore. My skin concerns are sensitive and oily skin.

  26. Jeni Chen

    Hi Tine, I’m from Sydney, Australia.
    My skin concerns are acne scarring and fine line around eye area.
    I’ve heard of a lot of good reviews from Paula’s Choice skin care. This would be a great opportunity to try out the Hydrlight Advanced Kit & Resist C15 Super Booster Serum!

  27. Yean

    I’m from Australia. I’m concerned about hyperpigmentation and combo skin.

  28. Milly

    Thanks for this giveaway! I’m from Canada. I have oily and combination skin with occasional breakouts.

  29. yala

    I am from skin is combination type with some pigmentation and pores.

  30. Anna

    I am from the US and my skin concerns are fine lines and wrinkles. I would also like to keep my skin more hydrated. Good luck to all!

  31. SharonC

    Fabulous! I have been using Paula’s Choice for a number of years for its authentic products and reasonable prices! I am from Australia and I am now grappling with aging skin – fine lines, pigmentation and increased sensitivity to the sun!

  32. Nor Saimah Bt Sain

    Hi Tine.

    I am from Malaysia. My skin concerns are blemishes and it’s so damn oily. Really hope to be the lucky winner. Thank you.
    Nor Saimah Bt Sain recently posted..#5 Carousell: A place to buy preloved itemsMy Profile

  33. Kat Ness

    What an exciting giveaway!

    I’m from Australia and have combo skin =)
    Kat Ness recently posted..Starting My Day | Healthifying My LifeMy Profile

  34. K QN

    Oily skin, acne, scars and humongous pores.

  35. Neha Kaul

    Hi there, Tine! I’m an Indian, born and raised in Dubai and currently living in the United States and obstinate sun spots are the absolute bane of my existence!

  36. Isabel

    Hello there! I’m from Malaysia and I’ve got sensitive. I definitely need to embark on an anti-aging regime too πŸ™

  37. Mel

    Thanks so much for th giveaway Tine, this package looks amazing!
    A) I’m from Australia
    B) My major skin concern is redness – I hate it!

  38. Jessica

    I am from australia, and lately I’ve been noticing that my skin is moving away from the oiliness I experienced in my 20’s and is becoming a lot more prone to dryness. It’s not something that I’m used to dealing with, so it’s doing my head in!
    Jessica recently posted..January Empties / Project 50 Pan (part 4)My Profile


    I am from Malaysia.I have quite dry and uneven skin tone with little redness around my nose.But my biggest concern would be my uneven skin tone.I’ve tried a lot of skincare products from various brands,high end to the budget freindly ones,but none of them gave me the results I was looking for.The Resist C15 Super Booster Serum looks promising for my skin woes at the moment πŸ™‚
    Thank you for this lovely giveaway πŸ˜€ Take care.

  40. joyce

    Thanks for organizing this! I’ve been wanting to try Paula’s Choice for the longest time…hope to win!!
    1. I’m from Penang, Malaysia
    2. My primary skin concern is pigmentation. It used to be dry skin, but I think I’ve managed to tackle that. I also have problems with undereye circles.
    joyce recently posted..The Battle Between Antioxidants & Free Radicals – Make Sure the Antioxidants WIN!My Profile

  41. Melanie

    Thank you tine!

    I am from Australia and my skin concern is pores and dryness.

  42. Grace

    Awesome giveaway, I’ve always been curious about Paula’s Choice skincare but the shipping cost (and probably customs) just didn’t seem worth it.

    I’m from Canada and my main skin concerns are acne, sensitivity, skin texture/tone, and pore care.

  43. Lara

    This giveaway is awesome!! I’m 30 and I’ve always been told that I have great skin (even by strangers!), but I always have had some lone spots. My biggest concern is that, lately, the spots have gone into overdrive plus the marks take foreeeeeever to disapear! I have combination skin and think this range might do wonders to it.

    BTW, I’m from Spain!
    Lara recently posted..LΓ‘mina imprimible para San ValentΓ­nMy Profile

  44. Madeleine

    From Australia πŸ™‚
    Concerns are balancing mostly dry skin with oily, make-up destroying nose and forehead!

  45. hannah neo

    Im from singapore
    my skin concerns are combination skin type blackheads dark eye circles eye bags crows lines and wrinkles haha and also slight pigmentation on skin =)

  46. Sandie

    What a great giveaway.
    Skin Concern-Oily nose and fine lilnes

  47. Nanny

    Hi there!
    1. Which country are you from?
    – I’m from Thailand
    2. Do you have any skin concerns? If so, what are they? E.g. oily, dry, premature wrinkles, etc.
    – Acne Oily skin

  48. Joanne

    Im from Singapore. I’ve got eczema skin of combination nature. Having heard good things about Paula’s Choice products for eczema skin, I’d love to try this range to combat my skin’s sensitivity and redness.

  49. Lilian

    Hi! I am from Singapore. My biggest concern is oily skin and acne. As I grow older, I think more of wrinkles and lack of firmness too.

  50. Yinyee

    1. Malaysia.

    2. Yes! I have post-acne marks, hormonal breakouts, white/blackheads.

  51. Amy Leung

    Skin Type: mature and dehydrated skin, cystic acne.
    Heard a lot about Paula’s Choice products, just don’t knwi what to start with. The range is so huge!! Appreciate if I can get some advice and get to try some products. Thanks and Regards, Amy

  52. Loris Ayoub

    I live is Israel.
    My concerns are mostly wrinkles and fine lines, I am 34 years old and starting to see some lines on my face.

  53. Ria Compra-Wennas

    Sydney Australia
    Since having my son, my skin became different. I started to have fine lines but my tzone became oiler. Would love to try the famous Paula’s choice skin care range.

  54. Renee Hartwig

    This sounds great! I live in Australia and I have combination/oily skin with large pores on my nose and uneven skintone.
    To contact me:

    Renee x
    Renee Hartwig recently posted..Dr Hauschka **GIVEAWAY**My Profile

  55. Yun Ding

    I live in the United States and am concerned with dry skin and photodamage. Have heard loads of good things about PC’s products but haven’t tried them out yet!
    Yun Ding recently posted..Komenuka Bijin Deep Moisture Jell CreamMy Profile

  56. Amy simon

    Lancaster, NY, USA
    My biggest concern is wrinkles for sure, especially around my mouth

  57. Kay

    Hello from Singapore!
    The weather here is fairly well at the moment, been having equal amount of sun and rain. My skin type is combination with occasional pimples. I love to use Paula’s Choice BHA gel and their antioxidant serum before they pulled out of singapore πŸ™
    Nonetheless, I wish you and Tim have a great week ahead in Melbourne!

  58. Olivia


    Dry skin and blackheads!

  59. Huguette E.

    Hi from Canada πŸ™‚ My concerns are wrinkles and the beginning of sun spots.

  60. BlackAsphodel

    I’m from Romania. I have an oily t-zone and suffer from occasional dry patches.

  61. Leah

    Hi, I live in the US. My skincare concerns are combating premature aging and making sure my skin is moisturized enough. Thanks!

  62. Shira

    Ah I love PC! I’m from US and I’m struggling with acne and some dry spots.
    Shira recently posted..The Winter Coat You NeedMy Profile

  63. Wanda Tracey

    I am from Canada and I think it would be a fascinating experience to try some Paula’s Choice products because I have
    heard some great and positive things about these products.My own personal skin concerns are fine lines and wrinkles and dryness from our harsh winters.Thank you so much for this opportunity to participate in this giveaway. πŸ™‚

  64. Jc Loh

    (1) MALAYSIA
    (2) AGING SKIN

    Perfect giveaway, thanks so much.

  65. Shirley

    I am from Sydney.
    My biggest concerns are pigmentation and sagging skin.

  66. Mehr Alam

    Acne, very sensitive skin

  67. Connie

    I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    My skin concern is sagging and open pores.

  68. Magda

    I’m from Poland.
    I have oily T-zone with large pores

  69. Susan Stirling

    I am from Canada. I am a cancer Survivor but the chemo & radiation has made my skin very dry. Canadian winters don’t help that!

  70. Petra Kos

    I live in Croatia πŸ™‚

    I don’t have any bigger skin problem, except that my skin is really oily.

  71. Lisa Foster

    I’m from USA and my skin care concerns are signs of aging and occasional breakouts.

  72. Trysh

    I’m from Canada, and my skin issues are definitely dryness/dehydration and blemishes… And I’m getting close to the aging skin chapter of my skin story as well.
    Trysh recently posted..FAVORITES: January 2015My Profile

  73. Camille E

    I am from the USA and my skin can be oily, with larger pores. I tend to get hormonal acne. I have also had a fair amount of sun exposure in my teenage years so I am definitely interested in some preventative care and skin repair. I tried a sample of the Resist C once–it was amazing! My skin looked brighter and felt better overall. Paula’s Choice seems to be the real deal. Big thanks for hosting such an amazing giveaway, and congrats to whoever wins this awesome bundle!

  74. latanya

    Oily skin and blemishes

  75. louise

    Je suis canadienne, j’ ai plus de cinquante ans et ma peau est mixte,mes pores sont dilatΓ©es.

  76. Stephanie

    Hi! I’m from Oakland, California. My skin is combination – dry patches on my cheeks and chin, but oiliness on my T-zone. Love BA πŸ™‚

  77. David Fultner

    I am from the USA. I have premature wrinkles,.

  78. Surso S.

    Canada and my skin is dry

  79. Suzanne G

    I am from Canada. My skin concerns are brown spot, wrinkles and occasionally some acne.

  80. debbie

    Im from New Zealand My skin is a little oily in the T zone but normal otherwise. πŸ™‚

  81. Sophia,M.,McConnery

    I am in Kitchener,Ontario,Canada.I am 57 now.Need moisture without grease!My face gets real itchy!Some dry patches.The T zone still has the oily problem!

  82. Barbara Hutcheson

    *******I am from Ontario,Canada. I am most concerned for dry & aging skin and want to make sure my skin is hydrated******

  83. Dessyslava Ionova

    1. Which country are you from? – I am from Bulgaria. πŸ™‚
    2. Do you have any skin concerns? If so, what are they? E.g. oily, dry, premature wrinkles, etc. – My skin gets oily in summer and sometimes too dry in winter, I also get acne scars that disappear very hard and have breakouts too often. -_-

  84. Maura F

    Im from the US. My skin concerns are clear skin. My skin is oily and prone to blemishes. The Paula’s Choice collection would be great for helping it stay clear!

  85. Anastasiya

    I’m from Russia. I have sensitive skin!

  86. Rebecca Parsons

    I am from the United States and my skincare concern is fine lines.

  87. Nancy Fontaine

    I’m from Canada and have sensitive mature skin.

  88. Sam Bear

    Australia Sydney

    I have oily/combination skin and I’m having issues with reducing redness and PIH from all my recent and previous breakouts. I’d love to give the vitamin c serum a try as I’ve heard so much about how it’s really good for fading PIH!
    Sam Bear recently posted..Things I wish I knew when I was 18My Profile

  89. Liz

    I live in Perth, Western Australia and am increasingly concerned about pigmentation and fine lines!

  90. Michelle Doorey

    Country – Australia
    Skin Concerns – Since turning 35 I’ve become a lot more aware of the fine lines around my eyes and mouth and the way my skin never seems to glow or look healthy anymore.
    I’d love a product to ‘wow’ me and make me feel that all is not lost now that I am the age that I am πŸ™‚

  91. kat

    Hi! Im from the philippines!
    Hmmm my skin is super parched and dry, still havent found an effective solution huhuhu

  92. Susan P.

    I live in the United States. I have rosacea and occasional breakouts.

  93. whitney

    Hello! From the U.S.

    Lately I’ve been experiencing some changes to my skin as I get older – dryness (to my former oiliness) and fine lines, especially on my forehead. My skin also seems to look…duller now. I’ve been testing various products but nothing seems to be working. Hoping to try PC for a miracle cure!

  94. karen petrychko

    love this would love to win it for my granddaughter

  95. Samantha Tedesco

    dry skin!

  96. Vicki King


    Concern: a few…combination skin with oily T-zone, my major concerns are acne scaring and fine lines (sigh)

  97. Brenda Penton

    I’m from Canada. I have combination skin and I’m starting to see my first signs of aging.

  98. Maren

    I’m from the USA. It would be nice to have perfect skin without looking like I care. πŸ˜‰ That said, I’d like my skin to be young and juicy rather than deflated-looking.
    Maren recently posted..Free Follows & Likes… (Repost)My Profile

  99. Elisa Panjang

    I’m from Malaysia. My skin is very sensitive and I have eczema. I always apply moisturizer on my face and body to reduce itchiness and redness. Thanks for the chance.

  100. Mary W

    I live in the United States.
    My concerns are older skin issues like dryness, lost of elsticity and wrinkles.
    Paulas Choice is a great company. Love their products!

  101. jessie c

    Hi! Im From Alberta, Canada. will be turning 30 March 1st and I have adult acne with combination skin. I have tried so many products but nothing seems to help. Its aaused very uneven skin tone.

  102. Evette van Zyl

    Hi, I’m from South Africa. My major skin concern is pigmentation. Got them when I was pregnant. Have been stuck with them since.

    Kind Regards
    Evette πŸ™‚

  103. Monica

    I live in Canada, and my skin concerns are black heads, acne scars, and some dry patches. Would LOVE to try these products

  104. Coline T.

    Hi, I’m from France πŸ™‚ I have dry skin with a lot of black heads… it bother me!
    thanks for this lovely giveaway β™₯

  105. dana orlando

    Hello, I am originally from Montreal,but have been in Toronto since 1991. My only real skin concern
    is regarding the oncoming lack of neck firmness! I know its all part of life and aging, but presently
    I am starting to notice it. Could definitely use some Vitamin C!
    Take good care,
    Signed in peace,

  106. Rachel Kriss-Newell

    As you get older and busier with kids you tend to stop looking so closely in the mirror. Then one day when you take the time you notice the lines, red spots and uneven skin colouring. Disguising those dark circles has always been an issue a long with keeping my very dry skin hydrated.

    I’m from Australia

  107. Dana Stargazer Truitt

    I’m a good ol’ USofA Gal!! I do have skin issues, I have started to notice little bumps on the back of my arms, I’ve read up about it and found out it’s called KP I really want to find something to help me get rid of or calm down the bumps! They make me feel so self conscious, and uncomfortable like if I wear a tank top someone may see it! I really would like to find a skin care products to help minimize the issue if not get rid of it!!
    I’d like to invite you to follow my new Nail page on Facebook.
    Classy Claws Nail Blog!!

  108. Fei

    I’m from Melbourne, Australia. One of my major skin concerns is skin sensitivity, which means I’m allergic to many chemical sunscreen ingredients and can’t use many skincare products or foundation. My skin is very dry too and can’t live without moisturisers. But once I’ve moisturised my skin enough it gets visibly oily within a couple of hours. Grrr!

  109. richelle bowers

    im from usa. my concerns are acne and wrinkles

  110. Efrain

    You know I’m from Mexico and right know my skin concerns are acne, oily skin and dark spots.

  111. Christina Miketic-Ketsa

    I’m from Canada.
    My issues are DARK CIRCLES and slight sagging near mouth area. BBOOOO

  112. Cynthia Richardson

    1. I am from the USA
    2. At 55, my skin concerns are loss of brightness and some wrinkles.

  113. Darija


    I’m from Bosnia & Herzegovina and my skin concern is that my forehead recently started getting oily.

  114. Melissa Nagy

    I’m from Virginia in the U.S. and I have oily skin concerns.

  115. Hilary

    OMG Paula’s Choice are the BOMB – I just *wish* it was sold in a shop somewhere, as its such a blooming parlarvor to get, and I really really resent paying shipping πŸ™ So yah for comps πŸ˜€

    1. Which country are you from?
    That would be Australia πŸ™‚
    2. Do you have any skin concerns? If so, what are they?
    Acne-prone, combo to oily skin, but getting older so need something for the fine lines starting to creep in.

    Thanking you kindly for the chance to enter πŸ™‚

  116. Eunice Ang

    I’m from Melbourne and these days, I have uneven skin tones and fluctuations in skin. Some days I feel dry some days oily and having more breakouts these days. πŸ™

  117. Samantha

    Hey Tine! I’m originally from Malaysia but currently based in Australia! I’ve got plenty of skin concerns: oily, acne-prone and extremely sensitive skin… The last allergic reaction made my whole face peel for days and my skin bled from the reaction. Lol! TMI!
    Samantha recently posted..Mario Badescu Skincare Aloe Vera TonerMy Profile

  118. shaunie

    United States and the concern is dry skin

  119. Lauraleigh

    Hello, I’m in Canada.

    As I’m beginning to age and getting a few wrinkles (I’m 35 now), I still get surprize zits and my pores are now becoming more noticable.

  120. Michaela

    hullo! I am also from Melbourne Australia. Major skin concern is pigmentation spots that have appeared since I hint 33! I also have sensitive skin. Thank you!

  121. ilaria carraro

    i’m from italy
    i have oily skin concerns

  122. Liann

    Hi, I’m from Australia and I have a bit of pigmentation and am starting to get the dreaded wrinkles.
    Thank you kindly for the opportunity to enter your contest.

  123. Lanovia Ingryanti

    I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia. I notice that recently my face got more and more brown spots, how very very sad.. I don’t know what to do with those ugly spots, I wonder if Paula’s Choice will make it better. I red your review of the serum and would like to try, unfortunatelly couldn’t find it in Jakarta. Have a good day, Tine πŸ™‚

  124. Diane Labrosse

    I am from Canada. I have deep wrinkles in my forehead, between the eyes, I have deep wrinkles around the eyes. I have smokers lines above my top lip. I have deep grooves in my cheeks around the mouth. I have some discoloration in my face.

  125. Christine

    I am turning 54 in May and I would love as much help as I can to look 10 years younger

  126. Rebecca B

    U.S. and I have enlarged pores and blackheads.

  127. Rena

    I live in the US and need help with my “old age skin”!

  128. Rachel Beltz

    I am from the United States and my skin concern is dullness, enlarged pores, and blackheads!

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